Call: IEEE ISTAS13 – Living in a Smart World: ‘Wearable Computing and Augmediated Reality in Everyday Life’

Call for Papers: IEEE ISTAS13 – Living in a Smart World
Theme: “Wearable Computing and Augmediated Reality in Everyday Life.”

ABOUT: ISTAS ’13 will be a transdisciplinary event for engineers, designers, scientists, artists, researchers in the social sciences, law and humanities, decision makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, commercializers, etc., as well as polymaths, and anyone who is a DASSTEMist (Designer, Artist, Sustainist, Scientist, Technologist, Engineer, and Mathematician).

FORMAT: Consider submitting a paper or attending this conference that will touch at the very heart of some of the hottest socio-technical implications surrounding new media. This event is a transdisciplinary meeting inclusive of all disciplines. General Chair Professor Steve Mann and Key Speakers are supported by a brilliant team of experts and volunteers.


VENUE: Toronto, Canada

DATE: 27-29 June 2013.


  • Wearable Computing: cell-phone view, webcams, necklacedome, wearcams, wearcomp, wristwatch computer, point-of-view technologies, mobile CCTV, EyeTap, Google Glasses, sensors, nanotechnology, biomedical devices, implantables, skinput, affective computing, body area networks, cyborgs, interaction-design
  • Augmediated Reality: vision systems, graphical-based systems, multimedia, interactive systems, location-based services, geolocation mapping, Web 3.0, 4G, sensory inputs, biofeedback, augmented reality, diminished reality, mediated reality, reality mining, remembrance agents, humanistic intelligence, artificial intelligence
  • The Veillances: surveillance, counter surveillance, dataveillance, sousveillance, equiveillence, inequiveillence, mcveillance, uberveillance, veillance studies, obtrusive, unobtrusive, secret, covert, priveillance, uber analytics, big data
  • Everyday life: data logging, moblogging, glogging, lifelogging, 24×7 ubiquitous audio-visual recording, state/condition monitoring, permission (opt-out/opt-in), private space, public space, transparent society
  • Social concerns: privacy, social sorting, data-driven analytics, security, fair use/availability, equity, consent, complexity, rates, power/control, government authority, RF transmissions, resilience, regulatory issues, legislation, sustainability, autonomy, living off the grid, transhumanism

Additional papers on other traditional fields of interest to SSIT also are welcome.

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