Call: Organic Experiences: (Re-)shaping Interactions with Deformable Displays (CHI2013 workshop)

Call for Papers: Organic Experiences: (Re-)shaping Interactions with Deformable Displays — A CHI2013 workshop.

Submission deadline: January 11, 2013

The next generation user experiences will rely on visual and physical output technologies that extend beyond the rigid, flat surfaces with which we are familiar to produce devices that both users and machines can deform and shape. Such experiences will allow users to physically push, pull, bend, fold, or wrap devices to facilitate new modes of interaction and better represent content.

This workshop will provide a forum to examine the three primary themes of research in this area: prototyping and implementation, interaction and experience design, and evaluation. It will bring together an interdisciplinary group of academic and industrial researchers to define the current and future challenges of crafting organic user experiences with deformable displays.

We invite you to submit a 2-4 page position paper that describes current work, future directions and significant challenges in the domain of interactions with deformable displays to support Organic User Experiences. We also encourage participants to bring along prototype or product demonstrations relevant to the workshop themes (please add a note to your paper if you are able to do this). Ensure your paper describes which of the one or more workshop themes best captures your area of work.

Please indicate which of the position paper authors will attend the workshop. Places are limited and we may need to cap the number of attendees per accepted paper. At least one author from each accepted paper must register for the full workshop and at least one day of the conference.

Workshop Structure:

The two-day workshop will allow a morning or afternoon to explore each of the following key topics: Current Knowledge and Visions for the Future, Prototyping and Implementation, Interaction and Experience Design, and Evaluation. Proposed activities include keynote speakers, technical demonstrations, hands-on prototyping, ideation and scenario development. Further details will be available on the website.

Workshop Organisers:

  • Jason Alexander (Lancaster University)
  • Ryan Brotman (Intel)
  • David Holman (Queens’ University)
  • Audrey Younkin (Intel)
  • Roel Vertegaal (Queens’ University)
  • Johan Kildal (Nokia Research)
  • Andrés Lucero (Nokia Research)
  • Sriram Subramanian (University of Bristol)

Key Information:


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