Zombie Booth app helps you join the shambling undead

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Zombie Booth review

We review Zombie Booth, an Android app that lets you see what you’d look like as a member of the shambling undead

Damien McFerran
Aug 1, 2011

For some of us, getting up early in the morning for a long day at work can make you feel like you’re a member of the undead, but if you need to add that additional layer of authenticity then you can do a lot worse than download Zombie Booth for your Android phone.

Zombie Booth is a cunning piece of photo manipulation software that takes facial images and converts them into slavering 3D monsters. You can either snap a new photo or use an existing one from your phone’s gallery, but the affect is always the same – it grants you a seriously disturbing view on what you’d look like should the zombie apocalypse occur.

The process takes a few seconds to execute, but the results are worth it. Zombie Booth scans each photo to work out where your eyes, mouth and other facial features are. It then overlays zombie like attributes – such as rotting flesh and a massive, blood-soaking set of teeth – and adds a 3D effect to the image.

Before your very eyes your zombie doppelganger springs to life, complete with blood-curdling moans and screams. If left to his (or her) own devices the zombie will simply groan and gaze around the screen, but if you tap the display with your finger, the face will look in that direction.

If you’re brave enough to put your finger near its gaping mouth, it will grab hold and proceed to chew hungrily at your flesh. Blood splatters the display, and upon removing your digit, the zombie emits a loud, satisfied burp.

Zombie Booth saves all of the creations you come up with, allowing you to look back on their grisliy features. We found that this actually caused some issues, as the images are stored in your phone’s gallery.

In our case, the gallery app crashed constantly until we removed the photos created by Zombie Booth. We can’t say if this is the case for every phone, but it’s worth bearing in mind should you find yourself in a similar position.

Needless to say, Zombie Booth isn’t for the faint-hearted. The undead creations it cooks up are actually quite spooky and young children may find them a little too authentic. However, there’s no denying the technology behind the app is impressive.

It’s genuinely unnerving to see yourself rendered as a living cadaver and the potential for entertainment is vast. If you’re looking for an app that is less about productivity and more about making you chuckle – and possibly yell like a schoolgirl – Zombie Booth is worth a glance.


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