Call: Antennae: The Virtual Animal

Call for Papers:
Antennae: The Virtual Animal

In his influential essay from 1977 titled ‘Why Look at Animals?’ John Berger advanced the thesis that human relationships with animals are predominantly shaped by representation. The essay argued that the increase of animal representation, which began at the end of the nineteenth century, constituted a phenomenon directly linked to the increasing disappearance of live animals in our everyday lives. Today animals have conspicuously emerged in video games and alternative reality scenarios, posing pressing questions about representation and interaction at a time when the virtual world seems to be on the brink of overshadowing the material one. This issue of Antennae will gather a range of perspectives in the attempt of mapping the current state of affairs with the ‘virtual animal’.

Academic essays = maximum length 8000 words
Interviews = maximum length 10000 words
Fiction = maximum length 8000 words

Submission Deadline: 1st of February 2013

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