Call: Fifth Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies

The Fifth Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies
Colocated with 8th AAAI Conference on
Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment
October 8th and 9th at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California

Call for Papers


Narrative is a pervasive aspect of human culture; it is one of the fundamental frameworks by which people view the world and comprehend their experiences. The processes of understanding and manipulating a narrative comes naturally to people, but this task poses significant challenges to computational systems. As computers play an ever-increasing role in social interaction, education, and entertainment, they introduce novel opportunities for leveraging narrative technologies to facilitate communication.

The last several years has seen growing interest and progress in narrative intelligence. Approaches to story generation and adaptation continue to become more sophisticated as important concepts like as intentionality, suspense, and conflict are incorporated into narrative models. Methods for expressing stories are advancing, especially in the areas of emotion modeling, character dialog, and environmental effects such as lighting and sound. The rapid growth of on-line knowledge and communication has prompted new interest in the long-standing AI goal of narrative understanding. There is also a growing body of research in narrative-based learning environments and authoring tools for narrative-based games, just to name a few.

The Intelligent Narrative Technologies workshop series, now gathering for the fifth time since 2007, aims to advance research in artificial intelligence for the computational understanding and expression of narrative. This workshop brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers including computer scientists, psychologists, narrative theorists, media theorists, artists, and members of the interactive entertainment industry.


Topics of interest for INT 5 include, but are not limited to:

  • Story generation, understanding, and evaluation
  • Computational creativity in narrative generation
  • Computational interactive storytelling
  • Narrative AI for serious games and learning environments
  • Believable narrative agents
  • Affect and emotional modeling
  • Automatic character dialog
  • Natural language generation and understanding for narrative
  • Narrative-oriented virtual environments and immersion
  • AI for discourse methods such as text, graphic art, and camera control
  • Narrative psychology
  • Interfaces for narrative environments
  • Narrative authoring tools
  • Novel research methodologies


The INT 5 program committee invites submissions of no more than 6 pages describing finished or ongoing research systems. This includes studies, theories, and models which can inform intelligent narrative technologies. Position papers are also welcome.

The best reviewed submissions will be accepted as full papers and allotted a presentation time. Other papers may be accepted as posters. All accepted papers, whether full papers or posters, will be published in the INT5 workshop technical report by the AAAI Press.

All submissions must be anonymized for double blind review. This means that author names and affiliations must be removed. Submissions should use AAAI style guidelines and submitted via EasyChair.


INT 5 also welcomes proposals for system demonstrations, panels, and community activities. These submissions should be no more than 3 pages, but need not be in AAAI format.

Demonstration proposals should briefly describe the system to be demonstrated and include images or sample output where appropriate. Demos will be given as presentations or during the poster session, whichever is appropriate given the nature of the system.

INT 5 also welcomes panel submissions. A panel is composed of a moderator and 2 to 5 experts to lead a community discussion on a topic relevant to intelligent narrative technologies. Panel submissions should describe the topic and provide a list of panel members who can commit to attending INT 5.

Since many insights about computational narrative come from human narrative, INT 5 will feature a community activity session. INT 5 welcomes suggestions for community games or other structured activities which can provide insights about human narrative. Submissions should describe the rules of the activity, the number of people involved and their roles, any materials needed, and its relevance to intelligent narrative technologies. Sample activities include improvisational acting games, like those featured on Whose Line is it Anyway? and tabletop narrative games such as the storytelling board game Fabula and the card game Aye, Dark Overlord! Activities should last no more than 2 hours.

Demo, panel, and activity suggestions should also be submitted via EasyChair.


July 6, 2012:  Submissions Due
August 6, 2012:  Author Notification
August 15, 2012:  Camera Ready Due
October 8-9, 2012:  Workshop


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