ISPR Presence News e-mails have a new look

Subscribers to ISPR Presence News RSS e-mails will notice we’ve switched to a new, improved format and graphic appearance. The credit and appreciation for the changes (these things always take more time, effort, creativity and coding knowledge than expected) go to Temple University Mass Media & Communication doctoral student Darren Bau-Madsen. Aside from the improved appearance, we hope the inclusion of new sharing and comment links will encourage members of the presence community to interact more with News content and with each other.

We welcome feedback, and although we’ve conducted extensive tests in a broad array of news clients, please let us know (at if you have any problems with the new design.

Just a reminder: ISPR Presence News is available at; via individual item, daily digest, and weekly digest emails; and via Twitter and Facebook. For more information, just visit the subscribe page.

–Matthew Lombard, Managing Editor


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  1. sites looking good. i always enjoy receiving news items in my email. great work and compilation of presence technologies.

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