Call: ARTECH 2012

University of Algarve, Portugal, November 8-9, 2012

Deadline for full papers approaching: June 2
(Installations proposals and short papers submission: June 9)

Artech 2012 is the Sixth International Conference on Digital Arts, this time held at the University of Algarve in the South of Portugal. It aims to create a forum for the emerging digital arts bringing together the scientific, technological and artistic community. The goal is to promote the interest in the digital culture and its intersection with art and technology as an important research field, but also as a common space for discussion and exchange of new experiences. Seeking to foster greater understanding about digital arts and culture across a wide spectrum of cultural, disciplinary, and professional practices, this edition of the conference also includes a strand concerned with e-learning related to art and media studies. To this end, we cordially invite scholars, teachers, researchers, artists, computer professionals, and others who are working within the broadly defined areas of digital arts, culture and education to join us.

Main Topics

Authors are invited to submit papers from all areas related to digital art, multimedia and emerging media, for review by an international committee. Both research and applications papers are of relevance to Artech 2012.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Art and Science Theory
  • Audio-Visual and Multimedia Design
  • Creativity Theory
  • Design and Visualization
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Digital Technologies and Making
  • e-Learning in Art and Media Studies
  • Electronic Music
  • Generative and Algorithmic Art & Design
  • Immersive Art
  • Interactive Systems for Artistic Applications
  • Media Art History
  • Mobile Multimedia
  • Web Art and Digital Culture
  • New Experiences with Digital Media and Applications
  • Parametric Design
  • Tangible and Gesture Interfaces
  • Technology in Art Education
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • 3D Environments


Full paper submission: June 2, 2012
Installations proposals and short papers submission: June 9, 2012
Full and short papers notice of acceptance: July 21, 2012
Installations proposal notice of acceptance: July 25, 2012
Submission full paper final version: September 15, 2012
Early registration deadline: September 30, 2012
Pre-conference workshops: November 7, 2012
Conference: November 8-9, 2012


Artech 2012 has the format of a conference with technical sessions, invited talks, discussion panels, and exhibition area for installations. Contributions can be in the form of full papers, short papers and proposals for posters and art installations. Authors are invited to submit:

  • A full paper of six to ten pages for oral presentation
  • A short paper up to four pages for presentation or art installations proposals

Submission link:
(first register with EasyChair to proceed with submission)

Submissions are accepted in the conference official languages: English, Portuguese, Galician and Castilian. In addition to the text, each paper must include a separate cover page containing:

  • Name, organization, mailing and e-mail addresses of each author
  • Name of the contact author
  • A maximum of five keywords

All papers should be in A4 format and should be formatted in accordance with the norms and guidelines in the ARTECH model available online:

Photos or color pictures must be inserted only in two pages (full paper) or one page (short paper).

The Submission of a paper implies the intention of at least one of the authors to register and attend to the conference in order to perform a spoken presentation. Papers that are accepted and presented at the symposium by one of the authors will appear in the conference proceedings.

All papers accepted for presentation will be published in a duly registered book (ISBN) and a selection of the best papers will be proposed for publication in an appropriate scientific journal.

International Scientific and Art Committee

Teresa Chambel, University of Lisbon, President (PT)
MÌrian Tavares, University of Algarve, Vice-president (PT)
Alberto Ariza, University of Vigo, Vice-president (ES)
Gavin Perin, University of Technology Sidney, Vice-president (AU)


Adérito Marcos, Univ. Aberta (PT)
Alexandre Barata, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Álvaro Barbosa, EA-UCP (PT)
Ana Paula Cláudio, Univ. of Lisbon (PT)
Ana Soler Baena, Univ. Pontevedra (ES)
António Sousa Dias, CICM Paris 8 (FR)
Beatriz Carmo, Univ. of Lisbon (PT)
Bert Bongers, Univ. of Technology Sidney (AU)
Bruno Silva, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Carlos Guedes, FE, Univ. Porto (PT)
Christa Sommerer, KU-Linz (AT)
Daniel Tércio, FMH-UTL (PT)
Dave Pigram, Univ. of Technology Sidney (AU)
David Darts, New York Univ. (USA)
Elizabeth Carvalho, Univ. Atlântica (PT)
Gilbertto Prado, Univ. of S. Paulo (BR)
Heitor Alvelos, FBA-UP (PT)
Henrique Silva, Escola Superior Gallaecia (PT)
Ian Oakley, Univ. Madeira (PT)
Ido Iurgel, CCG (PT)
Isabel Soveral, Univ. Aveiro (PT)
James Faure-Walker, Univ. of Arts Camberwell (UK)
Jon McCormack, Univ. Monash (AU)
José Coelho, Univ. Aberta (PT)
José Pinto Duarte, FAUTL (PT)
Karla Schuch Brunet, UFBA (BR)
Laura Baigorri, FBA-UB (ES)
Leonel Valbom, ESGalllaecia (PT)
Lucia Santaella Braga, PUC-SP (BR)
Marc Cavazza, SC-TU (UK)
Marcelo Wanderley, Univ. McGill (CA)
Marcos Dopico Castro, Univ. of Vigo (ES)
Né Barros, Balleteatro, Grupo Aesthetics, Politics & Arts /IF/ULP (PT)
Nelson Zagalo, ICS-UM (PT)
Nuno Correia, DI-FCT-UNL (PT)
Patrícia Gouveia, ULHT (PT)
Paulo Bernardino Bastos, DCA-UA (PT)
Paulo Ferreira Lopes, EA-UCP (PT)
Paulo Urbano, Univ. of Lisbon (PT)
Pavel Sedlák, CIANT (CZ)
Pedro Branco, DSI-UM (PT)
Pedro Faria Lopes, ISCTE (PT)
Penousal Machado, DEI-UC (PT)
Perla Innocenti, HATII-U.Glasgow, (UK)
Peter Gouzouasis, Univ. of British Columbia (CA)
Robert W. Sweeny, Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania (USA)
Rosangella Leote, SCIArts- PUC-SP (BR)
Sandra Pauleto, Univ. York (UK)
Sol Alonso Romera, Univ. Vigo (ES)
Sudhir Mudur, Concordia Univ. (CA)
Teresa Eça, Univ. Évora (PT)
Valentina Nisi, Univ. Madeira (PT)
Verónica Orvalho, FC, Univ. Porto (PT)
Vicente Gosciola, Univ. Anehmbi Morumbi (BR)
Vitor Cardoso, Univ. Aberta (PT)
Vitor-Reia Baptista, Univ. Algarve (PT)

Artech Steering Committee

Adérito Marcos, DCeT-UAberta (PT), Chairman
Álvaro Barbosa, EA-UCP (PT)
Christa Sommerer, K.U. Linz (AT)
Henrique Silva, Bienal de Cerveira (PT)
Leonel Valbom, ESGalllaecia (PT)
Lola Dopico, FBA-UVigo (ES)
Nuno Correia, DIFCT-UNL (PT)
Seamus Ross, Univ. Toronto (CA)

Local Organization:

José Bidarra, Chairman, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Mauro Figueiredo, Co-chairman, Univ. Algarve (PT)

Other members:

Bruno Silva, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Carla Vilhena, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Fernando Amaro, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Francisco Gil, Univ. Algarve (PT)
João Rodrigues, Univ. Algarve (PT)
José Rodrigues, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Roberto Lam, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Sandra Valadas, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Tiago Batista, Univ. Algarve (PT)

Marlene Fernandes, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Sandra Boto, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Julieta Rosa, Univ. Algarve (PT)
Isa Mestre, Univ. Algarve (PT)








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