Call: Simulation Australia 1-day workshop on development of competencies in use of simulations

Simulation Australia – Invitation

Setting the agenda for completing the development of competencies in the use of simulations

One-day workshop ­ March 23rd Civil Contractors Federation simulation centre in Adelaide

Reasons for attending

1. You have a focus on standards and quality in the use of simulation in all arenas

2. To share the most up to date knowledge in the design of courses for qualified simulation educators

3. To contribute to answering these questions

  • What is needed to be an expert in the use of simulation for learning?
  • Who is qualified to evaluate the expertise?
  • How do people become qualified?
  • How do we evaluate the learning acquired in simulation?
  • How to be confident that those pronounced fit to work after training and assessment on simulators are fit and well trained?
  • How to assess the assessors?

Learning Needs and Questions

1. We need to train in a low-risk environment.

  • We can do that with simulators ­ what does current research say about how  much is enough fidelity to support such training?
  • Is a simulator more important for its fidelity, or usability – or both?

2. We need to enhance learners’ capabilities for dealing with the unexpected

  • What types of simulators/simulations do this effectively?

3. We need to manage the transition between training and work

  • What is best practice regarding acceptable levels of simulation?
  • How does this change for specific contexts?

4. We need standard definitions to support accreditation of both the means [simulators/simulations] and the learning outcomes

  • What are appropriate and effective guidelines for ­
  • Accrediting simulators/simulations?
  • Conduct of learning and assessment via simulations?

5. We need skilled educators

  • What training is available to analyse needs, design learning solutions and use and evaluate simulators?
  • What do we need needed to develop?
  • Who is ready/available to do this?

6. Do we need agreed levels of proficiency for educators operating as simulation professionals?

  • if so, what are these and who sets them?

The workshop

This workshop builds on the SIAA work published in The SIAA Guide to Professional Skills Development in Australia [2006 – updated annually] and follows Simulation Australia¹s Skills Summit [Dec 2011] for generating a range of specific outcomes and activity towards setting up a comprehensive capability/competency framework for this complex educational arena.

Participants in the workshop will be

  • experts already familiar with the questions and issues listed above, keen to see the body of knowledge expanded, recorded and improved
  • new players in the field keen to understand what is involved in expert use of simulation
  • organisations already contributing to developing the body of knowledge and keen to share ideas and expertise
  • employers wanting to understand what they are getting when they commission the purchase of simulation-based equipment and activities, and how to make effective and efficient on-going use of it
  • education bodies involved in preparing learners for work who are ­ or will be using ­ simulation in any form for conducting and assessing learning outcomes.

Thought leaders helping to shape the discussion –

The Agenda

  • Tour of the Civil Contractors Federation world-class simulation environment
  • Mix of input from the Thought Leaders and discussion activity to generate questions, possible solutions and goals, and directions for further action
  • Agreement on next steps in this process to ensure we leave with a clear plan of action to achieve our goals


Chloe Wagemaker
Mobile: 0448 097 381


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