Job: University of Oxford Research Fellowship: Machine Superintelligence and the Future of AI

Alexander Tamas Research Fellowship: Machine Superintelligence and the Future of AI
with the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology
University of Oxford
Faculty of Philosophy
The Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford Martin School

Grade 7: £29,099–£39,107 per annum
Protocol reference number: HUM/11042F/E

Applications are invited for a fixed-term, three-year Research Fellowship within the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology, an interdisciplinary programme within the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University.

The Programme, directed by Professor Nick Bostrom, analyzes possibilities related to long-range technological change and potential social impacts of future transformative technologies. Research foci include the future of computing and machine intelligence, existential risks, predictive and evaluative uncertainty, and related philosophical issues.

The postholder will research topics related to the long-term future of machine intelligence, focusing on impacts, risks, current technical developments and foundational issues. The post does not involve developing specific AI applications. Possible backgrounds include (but are not restricted to) computer science, mathematics, or philosophy.

For further particulars and application details, please see: or contact:

The deadline for applications is Monday 27th February


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