Sensics Smart Goggles put your head in the game

[From The Verge, where the story includes additional images and 0:58 minute video; more information on the Smart Goggles is here]

Sensics Smart Goggles put your head in the game (hands-on pictures and video)

By David Pierce on January 9, 2012

Pepcom’s the perfect place to find things you might not hear about otherwise — like Sensics’ Smart Goggles, which we got a chance to play with tonight. The Smart Goggles are basically an insanely heavy helmet containing a heads-up display that runs Android (Android 4.0, to be exact, though we’re not sure if that really matters) — it’s kind of like the virtual reality helmets many of us played with as a kid at science museums, with a few 21st-century upgrades. You can run regular Android apps inside the device, and pair it with a smartphone or wireless controller, but where the Smart Goggles really get fun is gaming. Sensics developed a test game for the Smart Goggles that turns you into a robot, traipsing through a city. As you walk around and press a button, the robot punches; jump, and your robot jumps as well. The gadget works 360 degrees and is fully 3D, making for an impressively immersive gaming experience as you walk around.

The Smart Goggles’ graphics aren’t very good (the Wii puts them to shame, really), but the company promised that its games would get more immersive and more impressive over time. Sensics is also planning to completely remove your controller from the equation, so instead of pressing a button to punch you’ll actually punch. No word yet on pricing, or when the Smart Goggles will be available (they seemed rather unfinished in our time playing with them), but we’re hoping they’re expensive — otherwise we’re going to be seriously dangerous to others while we crush the city around us.


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