Mobile 3D interactivity: The iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer

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iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer

Edwin Kee 08/18/2011

The iPhone is one versatile handset, and you can add the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer to its fast growing list of capabilities. As the name suggests, this device will work in tandem with an iPhone to develop immersive, 3D viewing experiences. Just how does it work? Well, it marries the built-in accelerometer in the iPhone alongside free downloadable applications, allowing the 3D environments within to move whenever the iPhone is moved.

Basically, you hold the iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer just like a pair of binoculars, where you can manipulate the iPhone’s touchscreen display via a couple of finger holes in the bottom. Viewing 3D movie trailers are not the only thing this puppy is capable of – no sir, you can also indulge in a slew of interactive games, including roaming around underwater with 360º movement, looking for prey and buried treasure, or perhaps you would want to take a virtual tour of Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Pier?

The iPhone Virtual Reality Viewer will retail for $49.95 if you’re interested. Any takers?


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