The Aeon Project: AR & virtual reality in vehicles

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The Aeon Project: AR & Virtual Reality In Vehicles

By Emma Hutchings on August 3, 2011

Designers Michaël Harboun, Fabien Chancel and Akki Reddy Challa have been working in collaboration with Dassault Systems to explore augmented reality inside vehicles. In the future, when our cars are autonomous and can drive themselves, Harboun and his colleagues have been questioning what we’ll be doing while travelling along. The Aeon Project features three levels the user can select from the heads up display (HUD): augmented reality, mixed reality and virtual reality. So they can choose from text information, 3D integration and complete virtual immersion. Harboun explains:

“When travelling inside Aeon, the user can live unique experiences by selecting different applications. While experiencing a quest, he can decrease or increase the amount of virtual information appearing on the window via a meter. Such as light or temperature, I think that virtuality will also become a common unit which we will be regulating in our everyday life.”

This project took 1st Place at this year’s Imagina Awards for Best Design and Communication. Watch the [4:57 minute] video for more details [here]


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