Job: PhD Studentship – Remote clinical consultations using Superfast Broadband connectivity

EPSRC – DTA PhD Studentship available on
Serious Games for Medical Education
at Sheffield University, Computer Science UK

Title: Remote clinical consultations using Superfast Broadband connectivity

Daniela Romano and Nicolas Martin

Deadline for application 31st March 2011

The award covers UK fees and a stipend at the standard UK research rate of £13,590.


Applicants should have, or expect to achieve, a minimum of an upper-second-class Honours degree (2.1 or above) or a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in any of the followings: 3D Graphics, data processing and transmission, data security and interested in Serious Games and Medical Education.


A fully funded 3 year EPSRC-DTA PhD studentship is available in the field of Serious Games for Medical Education.  This studentship offers a valuable opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians and educators in the department of Computer Science, School of Clinical Dentistry and with the industrial partner Digital Region South Yorkshire ( providing a dedicated connectivity network. In medicine and dentistry, thousands of specialist consultations are provided every day in the NHS for patients referred by their doctor/dentist; a process that is slow and laborious.  The South Yorkshire region, first in the UK, is currently undergoing the installation of superfast broadband technology, providing an opportunity to improve the delivery of specialist clinical consultations for patients and remote clinical post-graduate education. This project will assess and resolve the barriers to remote clinical consultations in dentistry using superfast broadband connectivity. The project outcomes to lead to the timely treatment of NHS patients and the improvement in the skills of the general dentist population. In particular this research will examine and resolve the challenges of providing remote clinical consultations in dentistry, developing a tangible bespoke 3D based solution to be used for the effective transmission of rich clinical data.  A real-life feasibility study will be conducted using such system to identify the opportunities and challenges associated with the delivery of remote clinical education in dentistry using broadband connectivity.


Applications should be made using the on-line application form and should include an up-to-date CV with a covering letter. The covering letter must include a summary as to why you wish to apply for this particular studentship and how your interests and experience relate to the project. Further details of the project can be obtained by contacting Dr Nicolas Martin or Dr Daniela Romano

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