Call: 11th conference on Humans&Computers 2011


aboutMEDIA ABOUTtomorrow – überMEDIEN ÜBERmorgen

11th conference on Humans&Computers 2011 – Mensch&Computer 2011
by the Gesellschaft für Informatik (Society of Computer Science)
and the German UPA.

Conference languages: German and English


Types of Contributions:

  • Long papers
  • Short papers (posters)
  • Visions beyond tomorrow
  • Exhibition with accompanying short-and long contributions
  • Workshops
  • Tutorials


  • March 20th 2011: Submission deadline
  • End of May 2011: Author notification
  • June 12th 2011: Camera ready copy must be received (The proceedings are going to be published under open access by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftverlag)
  • June 12th 2011: Workshop paper submission deadline / deadline for submitting tutorials
  • July 1st 2011: Notifications for workshop papers / tutorials
  • September 11th to 14th 2011: Conference

Venue: Chemnitz, Germany

Media increasingly define our lives. Their growing diversity produces chances and risks. At the same time their use is becoming increasingly complex. Key topics of the conference are media themselves and their opportunities, risks, uses, influence on our lives and our influence on them, today and tomorrow. Conference languages are German and English.

Though the conference languages are German as well as English the conference theme cannot be translated literally into English since the German “über” has several meanings leading to the following associations: Media. Through the media. about media. Media about. Media tomorrow. On media tomorrow. On media on tomorrow. Media beyond tomorrow. Tomorrow dominated by media? Letter, book, newspaper, telephone, radio and television have coded and transported information for decades, centuries, millennia without major changes. Their objective and handling was as specific as simple: open, turn on, lift and off we went. The digitization of the media landscape radically breaks with this tradition. Even the purchase of a TV set is a task for experts: HD, Full HD, HDMI, IP, DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, 3D TV, LCD, LED, plasma, IEEE 802.3, USB, MP3, MPEG -1, MPEG-4, DivX or viewing angle are part of the technological now how, users have to understand. Only 10 years ago the only question was concerned about the size of the screen.

Apart of this intriguing new possibilities are emerging: worldwide communication in real time, access to information from any location, safety, personalized information, and up today unknown technical qualities enable us to a life we don’t want to miss anymore.

The conference addresses topics between these two extreme positions. The question is: Is the development going to overwhelm us, or are the new media going to be an opportunity to us for a self-determined life in freedom? What in fact is our future with media tomorrow and the day after?

Topics of the conference include but are not limited to:

  • Digital and Interactive TV, WebTV, IPTV and HybridTV
  • Media and Learning
  • Media consumption and adolescence
  • Media and Social Networking
  • Media for the Disabled
  • Digital Radio
  • New media and the elderly
  • Media and Mobility
  • Localized media
  • Personalized media
  • Media use and media reception
  • Edutainment
  • Visions of the future of media use
  • Language-based and multimodal interfaces
  • Tangible interaction
  • Post WIMP interfaces
  • Interactive media in arts and culture
  • Design thinking
  • Science fiction thinking

You are invited to submit research- and practice-papers concerning these and other areas of human-computer interaction and related fields until March 20th 2011. There are several different categories of contribution: short and long papers, vision papers, exhibition papers, workshops and tutorials. Contributions must be original work.

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