Call: SLACTIONS 2010



SLACTIONS 10 builds on the successful conference in 2009 and will use the same hybrid format. It will take place concurrently on the virtual MBS SL Island, and at physical Local Chapters in several countries. All paper presentations and plenary sessions by guest speakers will be held on-line in the Second Life virtual world, but also projected locally for participants that attend the physical Local Chapters.

Registration for the inworld and local Chapters is now available from the website.  See below for list of papers.


The Slactions organization wishes to thank the Manchester Business School for the use of the MBS island for the in-world conference.

In-world conference location:

Please note the Island will be open only to registered participants during the conference.


The workshop includes papers across a wide spectrum of activities in the metaverse.

Thursday 18th November

Virtual societies, virtual economies: An analysis of Second Life’s economic development

Procedural Modeling for Realistic Virtual Worlds Development

Metaverse: A proposal for the development of behavior of autonomous entities in Second Life

The Impact of Perceived Avatar Salesperson Friendliness and Expertise

Dark Gold: creating a fashion brand in the virtual world: The instructor’s view

Dark Gold: creating a fashion brand in the virtual world: the student’s view

Probing Cognitive Biases in Virtual Worlds: Second Life As a Case Study

Second Life, Second Morality?

Transforming Transgender: The Co-Construction of Identity in Virtual Worlds

Self-Esteem in Second Life: An inWorld Group Intervention for Women with Disabilities

Using Second Life as an Interface for Personalized Search

The P.R.O.S.E. (Psychological Research on Synthetic Environments) Project: Conducting In-World Behavioral Research on the Metaverse

Second Life as a research environment: Avatar-to-Avatar interviews

Friday 19th Nov

Transforming the allegorical content in ancient poetry into a 3D Learning environment in order to enhance understanding through interactive learning.

From Virtual Exhibition to Virtual Department: The Tree of Knowledge Project for the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of English

User Involvement in the Design of Educational Virtual Worlds

Affordances for Children’s Participation in Virtual Worlds

The importance of using devices designed for achieving specific objectives in Second Life. Exemplification by introducing tools which can be applied for improving three issues involved in the Learning Process of a Language.

Students’ attitudes and experience: A case of SecondLife

Using games to promote student integration in universities through the use of virtual worlds

Puzzles like a creative form to play in metaverse

Design Education Towards the Second Life Platform

Networked Education: The importance of testing the pedagogical design in teacher training in virtual worlds

 The Literary Theory applied to Creation Process of Second Life residents: A Case Study of Liberato Lindman resident and its development.

“I Summit Latin American Art by Karura Museum Arts Centre”

“Bauhaus School Of Creativity”

Alternate Futures: Afrofuturist Multiverses & Beyond

MicroTotalArt research: Crossing Boundary Sculpture sl-rl work

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