Call: The Providence Experiments

“Providence is always on the side of the last reserve” Napoleon Bonaparte


The Providence Experiments are a unique series of workshops and events that fuse experimentation, visualisation, ritual, psychological intervention and immersive game. Test subjects will be thrust into bizarre events that offer the willing participant the opportunity to undergo a challenging yet positive artistic transfor…mation.

Over one lunar calendar month, you will receive spontaneous transmissions, puzzles, choices and oddities that may pervade any and every part of your life. Prepare your mind for anything.

This experience will be designed specifically for YOU. Perception of self and reality will constantly be challenged. We will initiate you into in a unique journey where you are the hero or villain in your own story.

The aim of the Providence Experiments is to unleash your subconscious creative potential while offering an amazing, unprecedented experience unlike anything you’ve likely participated in before.

The Providence Experiments will consist of one set session per week in Central London over five weeks, starting Friday 5th November. Specialised directions to each venue will be transmitted 5 days before each session.

Warning: The Providence Experiments will not be confined to the five stated sessions. Active engagement and full participation is vital and absolutely necessary.


YOU and your subconscious will be the true playing ground for the game. However, this experience will be facilitated by FoolishPeople, a group that create immersive occult events using their developed practice Theatre of Manifestation. They will be aided with media and profiling consultation provided by Mythos Media, a team assembled to create modern myths.


Prospective applicants must e-mail immediately. Do it now: the number of places are strictly limited. If you receive an application form, you are  lucky enough to have passed Phase I and are on your way to taking your place within Test Bed One.


Friday November 5th
Sunday November 14th
Sunday November 21st
Friday November 26th
Sunday December 5th


Early booking discount: £150 (£30 per week) Available until 17th October
Standard booking: £200 (£40 per week) Available from 18th October

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