Brazil’s KAIAK introduces world’s first scented online banner

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World’s First Scented Online Banner – Smell This!

by Community on August 17, 2010

Ever heard of smell-o-vision? Back in 1960 one film was made, ironically called “Scent of Mystery,” that brought-to-life a very cool idea – pumping smells into the theatre that corresponded with scenes happening in the movie.  So when the characters on screen were eating at a restaurant the audience would smell the food.

Fast forward 50 years later to Brazil and the world of KAIAK – a top selling men’s fragrance that is sold exclusively door-to-door.  The company wanted to let people know that the fragrance had changed but was obviously limited on how to get the word out with no retail presence.  The solution was a combination of pure genius, creativity and just plain fun.

In Brazil Internet cafe’s are visited by millions of consumers each day.  KAIAK secured a partnership with one of the country’s largest chains of Internet cafe’s and turned nearly 300 computers in to instant sampling machines in a very clever way.  The company created an online banner that was placed on the home page of each Internet cafe.  The banner said “Click this banner – it’s scented.”  When [you] click on the banner ad it slides to the right and as it does it appears to slide right out of the computer.  In actuality some cool hardware attached to the back of the computer dispenses a little scented sample card.

In addition to the strong word-of-mouth this campaign generated across the country, the banner ad did what it was designed to do – with more than 17% of people (43 times the natural average) clicking on the banner and and more than 10,000 samples distributed in one weekend.

Check out the video to see it in action.  Obrigado Brazil for today’s dose of creative inspiration.

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