Call: The 3D Experience – 3D Entertainment and Technology Festival

The 3D Experience

3D Entertainment and Technology Festival
September 24-26, 2010
Times Square, New York

Experience 3D Digital Cinema, Home Entertainment & More… At the Center of the Most Exciting City on the Planet!

Our Annual Event: For 3 days, top innovators, industry leaders and filmmakers will gather in Times Square to showcase the latest advances in 3D for 2010 and beyond. From Hollywood blockbuster 3D screenings to in-home entertainment, professionals, 3D fans and the general public will be brought into the 3rd dimension like they’ve never been before.


3D leaders from theatrical, exhibition, home entertainment, advertising, television, mobile phone, video game, online as well as professional and consumer equipment organizations will be at The 3D Experience. Worldwide press representatives for both print and electronic media will be in attendance.

Consumers, 3D fans and the general public are invited to participate over three days of 3D screenings, product demos, celebrity appearances, and interactive experiences.

Join the Hollywood Studios, New York City and 3D Professionals from around the world, as we explore the growth of 3D in the months and years ahead. You are invited to participate in one of the most exciting and publicized entertainment experiences of all times… THE 3D EXPERIENCE.

The 3D Experience will be the new entertainment & technology center piece of New York City. Thousands will gather for this event including the most influential industry leaders.


  • Introduce the value of 3D to theatrical owners, distributors, marketers, and professionals from around the USA and the world.
  • Further enhance the understanding of the latest developments in 3D theatrical technology, home entertainment & content.
  • Event and activities held in one of the most populated and well known landmarks on the planet.
  • “3D Showroom” lit-up with 3D technology and products for the home including video games, Blu-ray players, 3D HD TVs, all in a modern living-room like setting.
  • Excite and inform the general public about 3D.
  • Showcase the future of digital 3D directly to the public.
  • Support the transition of 3D into the homes of consumers.
  • 150+ Press members in attendance. 

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