Call: 4th Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Competition

Call for Entries

4th Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Competition

6th – 8th October 2010
Tampere, Finland


Award Sum:  7000 Euro.

The Ubimedia competition seeks to broaden our understanding of where and how ubiquitous media will influence our future life. We are looking for disruptive artistic visions as well as clever near-to-market solutions off the beaten tracks! This includes any range of innovative ubimedia, pervasive, or ambient products and services. The Ubimedia Award is a highly interdisciplinary competition and we invite Designers, Computer Scientists, Artists, Economists and Engineers to take a stand on the following questions with their entries:

  • What is the particular aesthetic experience opened up by the rise of ubiquitous and ambient media?
  • What constitutes the specific intelligence that drives future media environments?
  • How will location- and context-aware media services change our social life?
  • How will our future lives look like in the era of ubiquitous computation, and how can society benefit from these advanced technologies?

Valid competition entries include e.g.:

  • Pervasive and ubiquitous games
  • Ambient installations
  • Artistic works related to ubiquitous media and computation
  • Business models and management strategies
  • Ambient and ubiquitous media technology
  • Ubiquitous and ambient media services, devices, and environments
  • Context aware, sensing, and interfaces for ubiquitous computation
  • Ergonomics, human-computer interaction designs, and product prototypes
  • Software, hardware and middleware framework demonstrations
  • Ambient television
  • etc.

To be inspired, please take a look at the entries from previous years: 

All ubiquitous, pervasive, or ambient media products, services or prototypes which have been finalized during the previous year after 1st January 2009 are eligible to take part in the competition.

How to participate?

Please check out the website for entry forms and current information.

In case of questions, please contact: ubiaward (AT)

Rules of the Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards:

Further Information

Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Competition
ubiaward (AT)

Or in urgent matters the competition chairs:
Artur Lugmayr, artur.lugmayr (AT), Tel.: +358 40 821 0558
Cai Melakoski, cai.melakoski (AT), Tel.: +358 50 555 6581
Kirsi Lindfors, kirsi.lindfors (AT), Tel.: +358 40 820 4608

Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards Jury 2009

Competition Chairs:

  • Artur Lugmayr, NAMU group, Tampere Univ. of Technology (TUT), FI
  • Kirsi Lindfors, Hermia, FI
  • Cai Melakoski, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), FI

Head Of Jury:

  • Bjoern Stockleben, RBB , DE

About the MindTrek Conference

Conference Venue
MindTrek takes place at Hotel Scandic Rosendahl, in Tampere, Finland. The organizer of the conference has booked quota for the conference delegates from this hotel. Please, look for more information on accommodation and registration later from our website. Please note that the accommodation is not included in the participation fee. There is also other accommodation available in Tampere, ranging from modern first-class hotels to smaller traditional hotels and dormitories. If you select one of these options, you should make the reservations by yourself with that specific hotel.

MindTrek Conference in General
Jukka Matikainen, +358 (0)40 5336 379, jukka.matikainen (AT)

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