Call: Educational sims for Journal of Virtual Worlds and Education

Invitation to submit a “Guided Tour” of an educational sim.

Do you have a favorite educational sim? A treasure that stands out as an excellent example of how to use a virtual environment as a learning and teaching tool? We are looking for your reviews!

The Journal of Virtual Worlds and Education, a peer review journal, will publish its premier issue in Spring 2010. Along with the research articles we have already received, we will be featuring a less formal “Sim Review” section. These articles are not subject to peer review, and will be available on our website and/or in print.  Articles should explore the particular space (or build) in terms of educational value, benefit (or not) over traditional methods of presentation to students, or unique use of environment.


Articles may be up to 1,000 words and should include photos and/or video to support the article.

Site location (slurl) is required

Papers are to be submitted by email as a Word (.doc) document or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

Photos may be submitted by email as .jpg or .png files.

Video may be posted to youtube, tagged jvwe, and a link provided.

Deadline: March 20, 2010

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