Call: AISB 2010 Symposium on AI & Games

Call for Papers

AISB 2010 Symposium on AI & Games
29-30 March 2010
De Monfort University, UK

Computer games form an important sector of the digital economy, computing and entertainment industries, and are very sophisticated in many ways. The need for better artificial intelligence (AI) in games is deeply felt and recognised by industry, and is expanding as a new successful area in research.

Games offer novel challenges and excellent application domains for AI research. Vice versa: applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) techniques are increasingly used to improve not only the dynamics of the games, but also their graphical representation and interaction techniques, pushing the frontiers of 3D graphics, Virtual Reality and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research.

The game paradigm and technology are also increasingly used in education, training, storytelling and anywhere one needs to created an engaging environment. AI techniques facilitate the creation of such experience. This special issue focuses on the connection between AI in the broad sense and Games. That is the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning or intelligent-like techniques, frameworks and theories to the creation of interactive engaging intelligent games, or technology for interaction in games.

Topics of interest include:

  • Intelligent games and serious games
  • AI and ML applications to games
  • Use of games in AI research
  • Intelligent Interaction techniques
  • Technology for Intelligent games
  • Cognitive, social and emotional impact of intelligent games

We welcome researchers from academia, education and industry, in particular those involved with the design, development and evaluation of AI and games. Their expertise could be in a range of areas including: AI, machine learning, planning, narrative, education and training, multimedia, game design and development, characters design, interaction design and evaluation for children, adults and any other relevant area.

Accepted submission:

  • Full Papers
  • Posters
  • Demo
  • Tutorials

ALL SUBMISSIONS DUE:   25th January 2009
Notification of acceptance:   8th Feb 2010
Workshop Dates:   29th March-1th April 2010

Look forward to se you all at De Monfort University, UK.

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