Teleoperated SWAT BOT has trouble-makers in its sights

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SWAT BOT has trouble-makers in its sights

By Jeff Salton
December 14, 2009

The Robotic Weapon or SWAT BOT is what you get when you cross a paintball gun and pepper spray with a remote-controlled RV whose parents were a laptop computer and the Road Runner. Designed for law enforcement situations like riot control, hostage scenarios, building security, bomb threats or other hostile or covert situations, this all-aluminum, lithium polymer battery powered unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) is equipped with a 100-round magazine, wireless barrel-cam and can fire paint and pepper balls or hardened rubber rounds up to 250ft at a rate of 20 shots per second as well as travel at speeds in excess of 50mph.

Manufactured by Inspector, a company that boasts of its “affordable, remotely-operated, electric vehicles designed to go where it is difficult, dangerous, hazardous, lethal, toxic or just too hostile for humans to go”, the SWAT BOT has a wireless control range of around 700ft, weighs 40lbs and can tow 20lbs. It can climb to a maximum of 30° and has a run-time between charges of between one to eight hours. It measures 36 inches (l) x 20 inches (h) x 20 inches (w).

This SWAT BOT has an M16 front sight, ACOG-style red/green dot scope, infra red, barrel-mounted camera and a fake suppressor. It can even take additional cameras and sensors to increase its situational awareness. It can be reconfigured to suit each specific mission.

Vision system

The mobile system comes with a wireless transmitter and an IR/low lux color camera with night vision which lets its operators see up to 35ft in darkness. It has a high-powered transmitter and receiver and can record its missions on video. Its vision system allows it to be guided via laptop, portable monitor or even a virtual reality headset.

The “First Person View” allows a trained operator to control the vehicle as though they were inside it. The view can be adjusted to up, down, left and right while driving or stationary. It comes pre-assembled from the factory and ready for its first mission.

Prices vary, depending on what equipment you desire to have onboard and other capabilities, but pricing starts at US$4,000 and finishes around US$10,000.

Other bots on the site include the ROMP, Spider Mite, Space Crawler, Delta and Mega Bot.

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