Call: Third Budapest Workshop on Philosophy of Technology

Call for Abstracts

The third Budapest Workshop on Philosophy of Technology
December 9-10, 2021
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 31 August 2021

Dear all,

The third Budapest Workshop on Philosophy of Technology will be held December 9-10, 2021, at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Proposal abstracts are due by 31 August 2021. Instructions and details are online: There are no fees of any kind.

As in 2019, the presenters will be offered an opportunity to publish a full paper in the WoS SSCI-indexed InfTars (“Information Society”: journal after the workshop. At you can browse a selection of the papers from BudPT19.

BudPT21 hopes to be an in-person conference. This displays our trust in medical technology as well as a certain amount of optimistic bias. However, should any accepted participants become unable to attend, they will still be able to submit a pre-recorded video and publish the full paper (but we will not transition to a hybrid conference). See the details at the event website.

Please only submit with the intent of travelling to Budapest but delay all hard expenses as long as you can. While on-line events are great because of their flexibility and low barrier of entry, the atmosphere of a face-to-face event can never be fully replicated, and this is exactly what we are trying to create.


Mihály Héder, PhD, habil.
Associate Professor, Head of Department
Dept. of Philosophy and History of Science
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

[From ]


The third Budapest Workshop on Philosophy of Technology will seek to explore a wide variety of topics connected to the Ethics of AI, Epistemology of Engineering and the Metaphysics of Artifacts. Any other high-quality submissions in the field of philosophy of technology are welcome.

You can present at the workshop by submitting an abstract, which will be peer-reviewed. Abstracts are welcome in the following topics:

  • ethics of AI
    • ethics of autonomous cars and other robots
    • responsibility of AI creators
    • artificial minds and consciousness
  • fake news, social media and digital life
  • general philosophy of technology
    • epistemology of engineering
    • tacit knowledge in engineering
    • ontology and metaphysics of technology

Special Section: Television Series and Philosophy of Technology

In the last couple of years, as a transforming medium itself, television and streaming channels have provided fascinating stories about the development of technology by depicting the effect of these on individuals and societies. Top hit series like Black Mirror and Westworld showed the comprehensive appliance of artificially intelligent systems, brain implants, self-driving cars, and chatbots, among other existing and forthcoming technologies. Are these representations positive or negative, complex or simplistic? What are the roles of humans and machines in these narratives, who develops and controls technologies? How will we as individuals and as a society live in an even more technologized world? And what are the potential effects of television narratives of technology on the millions of viewers?

The section aims to discuss questions like these by focusing on the products of the 21st-century television industry. We welcome presentations on various genres of television series (not only science-fiction).

The expected length of the abstract is 250-500 words. The language of the workshop is English, and there will be no registration fee.

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