Call: AI GameDev, a research-driven competition to enhance game technology using AI

Call for Applications

AI GameDev
Europe’s first research-driven competition to enhance game technology – for AI scientists and start-ups
Award Ceremony: December 2, 2021

Abstract submission deadline: September 26, 2021

Cyber Valley, Square Enix, and IT-Farm are launching AI GameDev, a competition for start-ups and scientists who feel their ideas could contribute to or whose work focuses on developing the most exciting AI technologies for the entertainment and gaming industry.

Do you think you can make an impact on this sector with a paper you’ve already published, a specific project or technology you’ve been working on, or something completely new? Then submit your idea to win one of our prizes.


Scientific Award

  • powered by Cyber Valley for the most promising scientific performance
  • win an exclusive Cyber Valley tour and meet top AI researcher,  including a visit to MPI-IS Stuttgart and Tübingen, Germany
  • conditions: up to three people, incl. travel within Europe and two overnight stays; individual program for winners

Main Award

  • powered by Square Enix for the most innovative AI solution
  • win a visit to Tokyo, Japan, where you will examine a potential cooperation with Square Enix
  • conditions: up to three people, incl. flights and accommodation (length of journey tbd)

Audience Award

  • powered by IT-Farm for best promotion
  • win an exclusive business/fundraising mentorship by IT-Farm
  • conditions: online mentorship sessions by a partner at IT-Farm for the founder(s) of your team.


We are looking for motivated and creative minds who want to bring AI and gaming together…

… to discover new approaches based on AI that can make digital content creation more efficient.

… to come up with technologies that enhance real-time digital worlds, simulations, and customer interaction.

No previous experience in the entertainment and gaming industry required


Have you got great ideas that no one knows about? Join our competition so that others get to see your work.

Looking for new talents to join your team? Identify like-minded people in the scientific community and start collaborating.

This competition has the potential to be a stage on which you can shine and find relevant contacts in the industry in terms of funding.

Take the chance to see what your peers are working on and find ways to connect your teams.


To secure one of the spots at AI GameDev, please send your application via email, and make sure it contains the following three:

  1. a link to the video in which you present your idea or your solution (hosted onYouTube, Wetransfer, Dailymotion, Google Drive, etc.)
  2. a pitch deck OR a scientific paper / an abstract
  3. the filled out questionnaire.


  1. pick one of your ideas
  2. submit your idea in form of a link to your video and support it with either a pitch deck or a scientific paper / an abstract by September 26, 2021
  3. fill out our questionnaire by September 26, 2021
  4. wait until November 5, 2021 for your nomination to the finals
  5. have your idea recorded professionally
  6. participate in the Award Ceremony on December 2, 2021


Much more information is available at

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