Call: CoG 2021 – 3rd IEEE Conference on Games

Call for Papers

CoG 2021 – 3rd IEEE Conference on Games
17–20 August
It University of Copenhagen

Deadline for full papers: April 9th 2021

Games offer a limitless domain for computational creativity, design, technology, education, social sciences, and artificial intelligence. The annual IEEE Conference on Games (CoG) is a unique forum for cutting-edge research related to game technologies and design, covering scientific, technical, social, and human aspects of games.

CoG was expressly launched to reflect the changing nature of games as technology and media; where concerns merge, overlap, and cross-pollinate. Beginning as an evolution of the Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG) and later joined by the International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games), CoG brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia and industry, to share recent advances and co-create future directions.

This year’s edition of CoG continues forging the path of attracting an evermore competent and diverse audience. Alongside our traditional types of submission (articles for peer review intended to be included in the conference proceedings), we seek proposals for presentations from both academia and industry in the form of abstracts.

Furthermore, it is also possible to apply to present work previously published in the IEEE Transactions on Games journal.

We welcome papers and presentations related to all aspects of Games, including, but not limited to, the following broad subject areas:

  • AI for Playing Games Analytics, Player Modelling and Player Psychology
  • Artificial Intelligence for Novel Game Interactions
  • Benchmarks and Competitions
  • Game Studies and Game Culture
  • Game Design
  • Game Human Computer Interaction
  • Game Theory and Multi-agent Systems
  • Narrative and Interactive Entertainment
  • Procedural Content Generation and AI for Game Design
  • Applications of Games and Game Technology
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Games

In particular, this year, we encourage submissions that span across — or hybridise — multiple of these subject areas.

The conference website is and the submission link is .

The deadlines and the details for the different types of submission are as follows:


Full papers have an 8 page limit (including references and appendices), and should constitute a technical or empirical contribution to scientific, technical, and human aspects of games.

Accepted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings and the conference proceedings will be submitted to the IEEE Xplore® digital library.


  • Short papers (2-4 pages) describe work in progress, smaller projects that are not yet ready to be published as a full paper, or new progress on projects that have been reported elsewhere.
  • Competition papers (8 pages) describe research related to one of the competitions in the Games community, including the design of new competitions and in particular submissions to existing competitions.
  • Vision papers (8 pages) describe a vision for the future of the Games field or some part of it, are based on extensive research and include a comprehensive bibliography. Standards for competition papers are as high as for other CoG papers, and standards for vision papers are higher.
  • Demo papers (2 pages) describe work in progress and will be presented during a demo session.

Short, competition, vision and demo papers, similarly to full papers, will be peer reviewed and the accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings.


This edition of IEEE CoG welcomes extended abstract submissions by researchers and practitioners to present their research findings. The extended abstract submission is intended to accommodate researchers who want to participate and share their findings at CoG but come from disciplines that traditionally do not publish their work in conference proceedings.

Extended abstracts should be between 750 and 1500 words including references. Works submitted in this format will not be included in the conference proceedings.


We welcome talk proposals from game industry members related to their work and achievements in areas including, but not limited to, game design, technology, education, artificial and computational intelligence. The proposals can include presentations about research prototypes, commercial products, indie/mobile/AAA games, AR/VR applications, etc., as well as participation in poster sessions and discussion panels. These talk proposals do not require the submission of a written manuscript to be accepted at the conference.


From this year, the IEEE CoG conference will welcome proposals for presentation of articles previously published in the IEEE Transactions on Games journal. For anyone interested in presenting their published work, you will need to submit a copy of the published paper in the appropriate track.

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