Extend Robotics launches R:O:B:, a teleoperated “robotically optimised bartender”

Watch the 1:04 minute demonstration video via the link in this short press release from Extend Robotics Ltd. via PR Newswire to see R:O:B:, a new teleoperated bartender robot that features “real-time, immersive and intuitive control using the latest VR technologies, highly realistic human-like dexterity and reachability to six degrees of freedom (DoF).” –Matthew]

[Image: Source: Extend Robotics on Twitter]

British firm, Extend Robotics Ltd., launches “R:O:B:” – a Virtual Reality-controlled ‘robotically optimised bartender’

Extend Robotics announces successful trial of VR remote-controlled robot with application in services, healthcare, utilities and energy

November 25, 2020

READING, England, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —Extend Robotics Ltd., a UK-based innovator in general-purpose teleoperated robotics, announces the first successful trial of its virtual reality (VR) controlled cybernetic bartender, nicknamed “R:O:B:” (robotically optimised bartender). “R:O:B:” features a remarkable human-like dexterity and is fully capable of ‘virtually’ pulling a real pint!

The Extend Robotics’ Robot Toolkit features real-time, immersive and intuitive control using the latest VR technologies, highly realistic human-like dexterity and reachability to six degrees of freedom (DoF). The affordable VR teleoperated robot has been developed in-house at the company’s Reading-based headquarters. As the video demonstration of the VR remote-controlled service robot trial shows, the teleoperated robotic arm is easily operated remotely by a human operator.

“At Extend Robotics, our vision is to extend human capability beyond physical presence,” explains Dr. Chang Liu, founder and CEO of Extend Robotics and Research Associate at Imperial College London. “Our mission is to democratise dexterous teleoperation at scale over the next three years, designing cost-effective robotic arms capable of remote operation from anywhere in the world, using cloud-based teleoperation software. What’s more, we have seen a significant acceleration in the demand for service robots in 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic has given an unexpected boost to the market.”

Worldwide sales of service robotics exceeded $17 billion in 2019, and this rapid and exponentially growing market is forecast to top $55 billion by 2023, according to the International Federation of Robotics (IFR.org). Extend Robotics’ is currently developing its Robot Toolkit for widespread commercial use, offering the hospitality and service industries a simple, easy-to-use, plug-and-play solution that is both low-cost and highly dexterous.

“Right now, as we approach the end of the COVID-19 crisis, we expect to see remote working as ‘the new norm’ across many industries, for numerous health, safety and environmental reasons,” adds Dr. Liu. “2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for humanity, yet our hope at Extend Robotics is that the recent acceleration in R&D of remote teleoperated working robots will soon result in a wide range of safe, secure and affordable dexterity robot solutions across a number of industries worldwide.”

For the Extend Robotics teleoperated cybernetic bartender demonstration video, CLICK HERE


One response to “Extend Robotics launches R:O:B:, a teleoperated “robotically optimised bartender””

  1. Jackson Neill

    This is definitely an area where I would not have expected a VR controlled robot. This concept could be interesting though and I’m curious to how it would affect the actions of the customers. A bar is usually a pretty sociable environment with lots of back and forth between the customer and bartender. Through these interactions customers build relationships with bartenders and become repeat customers. Would customers begin to feel less connected to certain bars since they would not be interacting with a human server like they usually do? That would be my primary concern if I were a bar owner and was thinking of using this technology.

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