Call: 4th Global Posthuman Symposium: “Posthuman Agency”

Call for Papers

4th Global Posthuman Symposium: “POSTHUMAN AGENCY”
April 30-May 2, 2020
New York City, US

Deadline for abstracts and bios: December 31, 2019

We are delighted to announce the 4th Posthuman Global Symposium, to be held at New York University, New York, USA. This Symposium is dedicated to exploring the importance of posthuman agency in the interrelated significations of human and non-human realms. We intend to spark a deep and multilayered analysis of posthuman agency both as praxis and as a moral stance on the current global issues, as exemplified by its advocacy of environmentalism, cyborg rights, animal personhood, sustainable advanced technologies and ethical economies. We wish to examine posthuman agency from a variety of perspectives, including but not limited to: philosophy, natural and social sciences, law, religion, technology, mindfulness, and the arts.

Areas of interest include: human ways of living in the anthropocene; artificial intelligence, robots and ethical technology; the ethics of human enhancement and biotechnologies; genetic privacy; technological addiction; environmental sustainability; power, equity and the global dynamics of human interactions with the nonhuman world; drones, space, big data and co-existence; spirituality, religions and mindfulness in the posthuman age; and related topics. Utopian and dystopian, visionary and critical, theoretical and practical approaches are welcome, including: philosophical, critical and cultural posthumanism, transhumanism, new materialism, antihumanism, object-oriented ontology, metahumanism, panpsychism, and other approaches.

Our Symposium is uniquely characterized by openness of perspective and presentation: academic as well as performative and experiential modes of expression provide complementary insights into the posthuman. Therefore, in addition to academic papers, we welcome proposals for panels, performances and experiential workshops. We encourage a creative intellectual environment where the seeds of desirable ways of living may be envisioned and nourished.


We invite abstracts of up to 250 words to be submitted, together with a short bio (80 words, more or less), by December 31st 2019, directly through our website via GoogleForm:


Visa information: Please note that you may need to obtain a visa to enter the US.

The Academic Committee:
Prof. Francesca Ferrando, NYU
Prof. Kevin Lagrandeur, NYIT
Prof. Farzad Mahootian, NYU
Prof. Jim McBride, NYU
Prof. Yunus Tuncel, NYU

Warm regards,

Francesca Ferrando
Adjunct Assistant Professor, NYU-Liberal Studies


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