Call: Future and Reality of Gaming (FROG) 2019 – Mixed Reality

Call for Papers:

FROG – Future and Reality of Gaming 2019
13th Vienna Games Conference
Theme: Mixed Reality
October 18th -20th 2019
Vienna City Hall, Vienna, Austria

Submission deadline: September 6, 2019

Video games allow us to immerse ourselves in worlds that are reflective of cultural phenomena. They provide spaces to socialise with other players and enable us to actively engage in creative processes of co-creation. It is this characteristic that makes games equally enthralling and critically compelling.

The future of games aspires to be an oscillation of virtual and concrete. Recent trends showcase that this process also works in reverse. Games are in a process of occupying and utilising the real world as a part of the game. While VR is engaging through employing the physical body, AR technologies of today already let us experience our beloved video game heroes in the real world. Within the next five to ten years, we can expect the technological improvements to provide us with holograms that we can directly interact with.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in virtual worlds or welcome the virtual to the real, proficiency in dealing with the medium is key. Are we ready for Mixed Reality yet?

The FROG traditionally welcomes interdisciplinary and extra-academic participants alike. Academics, people from the games industry, and those who have made digital games an integral part of their lives are encouraged to answer this call.

We highly encourage students to participate and present their findings from their own research projects or theses.

Please, send us an abstract (max. 250 words) including 7 key words and a biography (max. 200 words) and let us know if you apply for an Analytical Presentation (20min + 10 min discussion) or a Practical and Young Academic Presentation (10min + 5min discussion):

The deadline for submissions is the 6th of September 2019.

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