Call: Personal and Ubiquitous Computing issue on Everyday Automation Experiences

Call for Papers

Theme issue on Everyday Automation Experiences

Submission deadline: 31 October 2019


Automation is now part of our lives. Homeowners orchestrate their appliances in their smart homes, drivers negotiate control with their cars, public transport passengers use autonomous buses, shoppers use self-checkout, and factory workers see themselves in the role of monitoring rather than controlling. The emergent role of automation has an impact on the way how people can be supported in perceiving, monitoring and configuring technologies in a variety of situations.

The design, creation, and evaluation of (semi-)automated everyday objects and corresponding experiences pose many challenges. These include supporting and ensuring the intelligibility of appliances, maintaining and negotiating control, providing opportunities for and informing about potential human interventions as well as capturing and assessing a user’s automation experience.

This theme issue will contain research on emerging aspects of (semi-)automated ubiquitous systems. Authors are encouraged to submit articles presenting original and innovative studies that explore requirements and design criteria for automation, suggest new technological approaches for realizing user-oriented ubiquitous automation or novel automated ubiquitous artefacts, or investigate user experience and acceptance of these systems.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing for an efficient and enjoyable interplay of non-expert users and automated systems
  • Visualizing and communicating the reasoning of a system to non-expert users
  • Communicating and supporting human intervention opportunities
  • Augmented and virtual reality for explainable automated systems
  • End-user development and configuration of ubiquitous automated systems
  • Novel system architectures for enabling ubiquitous automated systems
  • Supporting trust calibration and formation within the usage lifecycle of ubiquitous automated systems
  • Methods for the capture of everyday automation experience
  • Theoretical frameworks on the design space and cross-domain considerations of everyday automation experiences


Peter Fröhlich (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology)
Matthias Baldauf (University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen)
Thomas Meneweger (Center for Human-Computer Interaction, University of Salzburg)
Manfred Tscheligi (University of Salzburg and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Boris de Ruyter (Philips Research and Radboud University Nijmegen)
Fabio Paternó (C.N.R.-ISTI)


Submission: 31 October 2019
1st round notification: 15 January 2020
Revision deadline: 15 February 2020
Final notification: 1 April 2020
Expected publication: May 2020


All submissions have to be prepared, according to the ‘Instructions for Authors’ at Please submit a full-length paper through the journal online submission system ( You should provide indication that the submission is to be allocated to this theme issue (“S.I.: Everyday Automation Experience”). Papers must be original and must not be under consideration for publication in any other journal. For submissions which are based on a published conference paper, the paper submitted to this issue must contain at least 30% new material and reference the publication on which it is based. All papers will be peer reviewed.

For further information contact Peter ( or Matthias ( and see


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