Call: Participation in study about adult media and sexual health for VR users

Call for Participation

Study about adult media and sexual health for VR users


I am a graduate student at Michigan State University conducting research on attitudes about adult media (pornography) and sexual health for virtual reality users. If you are 18 years old, have consumed adult media through a virtual reality format – in the past six months, and feel comfortable answering questions about adult media use, would you please consider completing our study?

If you agree to participate in the research, you will be asked to answer some survey questions and watch an adult media video. The entire study should take approximately 20 minutes to complete (~10 survey questions, ~10 watching the video). There are no direct benefits for your participation in this study, although the information you provide will be used to assist in identifying factors related to adult sexual health and sexual satisfaction.

This study is Not Safe for Work (NSFW)!

Your responses will be completely anonymous. We are not collecting any personally identifiable information. Data from this study will be used to develop an understanding of how adult media can be used to promote positive sexual health outcomes.

My faculty advisor on this project is Dr. Rabindra Ratan. You can see his department page for more information about our research:

Take the survey here:


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