Viral presence: ‘Pretending to fly’ challenge takes off

[Here’s an amusing story from the Daily Mail about a viral DIY presence challenge; the original version includes more examples and a 0:54 minute video, and another 0:58 minute video is available on YouTube. –Matthew]

[Image: Source: New York Post]

Viral challenge sees people using plastic bottles and toilet seats to pretend they are travelling on a plane and looking out the window

  • ‘Fake plane ride’ challenge sees people using random objects to create illusion
  • People use detergent bottles, teapots and toilet seats to mimic aircraft windows
  • Thousands of hilarious clips began circulating online during the Lunar New Year

By Kelsey Cheng for Mailonline
13 February 2019

A new viral challenge in China has seen cash-strapped net users pretending to be travelling on planes in an attempt to fool their friends and family.

Using various household items as props to mimic aircraft windows, the ‘fake plane ride’ challenge involves participants creating the illusion that they’re flying 30,000 feet in the air and having the time of their lives.

The hilarious clips began circulating on popular short video app Douyin during the Lunar New Year and saw net users showcasing their creativity by using laundry detergent bottles, plastic stools and toilet seats to make their videos extra convincing.

‘First time on a plane, I’m so excited!’ one person wrote along with his video post – before the camera zooms out to show that he was actually hiding under a toilet seat with a photo of a blue sky held behind him.

‘Look at the nice view from up here!’ another person said, before moving the camera away from the ‘fluffy clouds’ he was looking at. Turns out he was shooting the view through the handle of a ceramic teapot.

‘Sigh, I’m just so tired from all the travelling!’ one woman in sunglasses bragged, as the next second reveals that she actually has a plastic stool over her head.

Some people even used travel brochures and posters to get stunning views of volcanoes and tropical islands.

Others were filmed propping up their pets for the challenge, including a very confused husky made to ‘wear’ a toilet seat around his neck.

One man even took the challenge to the next level by playing a video of a plane taking off the runway as she looked out of her ‘window’ – which turned to be the handle of a plastic bottle.

On Weibo, the hashtag ‘how to pretend you’re on a plane’ gathered more than 27 million views. It has also more than 24 million views on Douyin.

The convincing clips fooled many at first, but eventually gave net users a good laugh.


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