Call: Embodied Drawing – TRACEY Drawing Research Network Conference

Call for papers: Embodied Drawing
TRACEY Drawing Research Network Conference
18-19th July 2019
Conveners: Drawing Research Group, Loughborough University

Deadline: Friday 1st February 2019

The conference aims to explore the notion of embodied drawing. By embodied drawing we suggest that ‘embodied’ could be synonymous with the act of drawing, that drawing is an act of embodiment. As such, the making of a mark expands to become an act of mediation. Yet if all bodies are mediat(ing)ed, they too mark the skins and surfaces of other bodies in the briefest immediacies – in traces of gesture, events, at and through the borderline. A curious folding of/with materiality – a drawing. And as drawing expands there come lines of flight and queer becomings: of further technological mediations, prostheses, computer augmented realities, boundary-making practices that offer up new forms of embodiment, of bodies yet to be named, without outline. And so we ask; what does it mean to have a body? What can they do? What can be drawn?

The conference aims to provide a space for discussion, dissemination and the exchange of knowledge and suggests the following as starting points in the discussion, as possible themes, as prompts and as provocations:

  • How can a body situate sensation through/in drawing?
  • How can drawing be expanded to explore sound, movement, duration, and wider fields?
  • How can subjectivity and personal social/ethical commitment be produced through body-mediated drawing acts?
  • How can gender be enacted through the material-semiotic practices of drawing?
  • Can a computer be embodied/does an algorithm possess a body/ is it a prosthesis?

The conveners would like to invite proposals for either a 20-minute presentation or a two-hour workshop from practitioners, theorists and practitioner-researchers, which aim to generate debate around the concept of embodied drawing. Please email your proposals to Tina Harvey including DRN 2019 Conference Abstract in the subject line.

Deadline: Friday 1st February 2019

Please include the following information:

Institutional Affiliation (if appropriate)
50-word biography
250-word proposal

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