Call: “Multimodal Conversational Interaction and Interfaces” – Special issue of Multimodal Technologies and Interaction


Multimodal Technologies and Interaction – Open Access Journal
Special Issue “Multimodal Conversational Interaction and Interfaces”

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 March 2019

In face-to-face interaction, multiple communicative behaviors including verbal information and nonverbal signals, such as gestures, facial expressions, and gaze, are exchanged between the conversation participants. They also interpret the combination and co-occurrence of verbal and nonverbal behaviors to understand the conversation. In multiparty communication, where more than two people participate in the conversation, patterns of multimodal information become more complex. Aiming to shed light on such a complex process of face-to-face communication, studies on multimodal interaction have employed a variety of machine learning techniques. From an application point of view, implementing some aspects of multimodal interaction is indispensable in enhancing human-agent/robot communication and supporting human-human communication in computer-mediated environments.

The purpose of this special issue is to solicit contributions from both a theoretical and a practical perspective, and envision the future directions of research on multimodal interaction and its application to multimodal conversational interfaces. We encourage authors to submit original research articles on the following topics, but not limited to:

  • Theoretical and computational models that shed light on the process and the characteristics of multimodal interaction
  • New data-driven methodologies for investigating big data of multimodal interaction
  • Virtual agents and humanoid robots with multimodal and/or multiparty conversational functionality
  • Communication support systems that facilitate multimodal and /or multiparty conversation in computer-mediated communication
  • Tools and platforms that contribute to research on multimodal interaction and building novel multimodal conversational interfaces


  • Verbal and nonverbal information
  • Multiparty interaction
  • Computational and statistical models
  • Conversational virtual agents
  • Communication robots
  • Multimodal interfaces for human-human communication
  • Social signal processing

Guest Editors:

Yukiko I. Nakano (Seikei University, Japan)
Toyoaki Nishida (Kyoto University, Japan)
Gabriel Murray (University of the Fraser Valley, Canada)
Catharine Oertel (EPFL, Switzerland)

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