Call: Free online lecture: “The Appreciator’s Performance. Virtual Reality and The Ontology of Art”

University of Padova, Aesthetics Lecture Series 2018/2019

“The Appreciator’s Performance. Virtual Reality and The Ontology of Art”
Enrico Terrone (University of Barcelona)

Monday, December 10, 2018, 16.30-18.30 (CET)

The talk will be live-streamed and will remain available on YouTube:

Remote participants can contribute to the Q&A via the YouTube Live Chat service. Due to copyright restrictions, slides shown during the talk won’t be filmed.

Abstract: The talk begins with an investigation on the ontological status of works of virtual reality. I argue that these are types whose instances are appreciators’ experiences. This introduces an ontological discrepancy between works of virtual reality and films, since the latter are usually conceived of as types whose instances are projections, not experiences. Yet, we can eliminate such a discrepancy if we treat a film, with its peculiar impression of movement, as instantiated by coupling of a projection with the human mind. I argue that the paradigm of virtual reality, according to which works are instantiated by appreciators’ experiences, can be applied not only to films but also to works of music or works of literature, which are usually conceived of as types, and even to paintings, which are usually conceived of as particular objects. I conclude that the paradigm of virtual reality can lead us to a monist ontology of art according to which all works are types that are instantiated by appreciators’ experiences. This ontology can effectively address some issues that other type-based monist ontological accounts of art such as Strawson’s and Currie’s find it hard to face.

Enrico Terrone is Juan de la Cierva Postdoctoral Fellow at the LOGOS Research Group, Universitat de Barcelona. He works on philosophical issues concerning aesthetics, ontology and technology. His main area of research is philosophy of film. He has published papers on international journals such as British Journal of Aesthetics, Erkenntnis, The Monist, Philosophy of the Social Sciences.

The Aesthetics Lecture Series is an initiative of the Graduate School in Philosophy of the University of Padua, organized by Prof. Massimiliano Carrara, Prof. Giuseppe Spolaore, Prof. Gabriele Tomasi, Dr. Elisa Caldarola, and Dr. Vittorio Morato for the academic year 2018/2019.

The Aesthetics Lecture Series is funded by the University of Padova through the STARS Grants initiative (Supporting TAlent in ReSearch@University of Padova), Starting Grant 2018-2020, APAI – “A Philosophy of Art Installation”, P.I. Dr. Elisa Caldarola.


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