Call: Brain-Based and Artificial Intelligence: Socio-ethical Conversations in Computing and Neurotechnology (issue of Science and Engineering Ethics)

Call for Papers

Special Issue of the journal Science and Engineering Ethics
Brain-Based and Artificial Intelligence: Socio-ethical Conversations in Computing and Neurotechnology
Editors: Elisabeth Hildt, Kelly Laas, Monika Sziron, Stephanie J. Bird

Abstracts due: September 15, 2018

We are inviting papers to be included in a special issue of Science and Engineering Ethics that seeks to explore the convergences and disparities in approaches to intelligence in neuroscience and computer science. The topic for this special issue comes from a May 2018 workshop organized by the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at the Illinois Institute of Technology, that reflected on how brain-based intelligence is similar to artificial intelligence (AI) and also how both can be combined in neurotechnology. Papers submitted for this special issue should explore the ethical and social implications that arise in AI and neurotechnology. Here the term “brain-based” intelligence encompasses both human and non-human animal intelligence. This special issue aims to advance an interdisciplinary discussion between scientists, practitioners, and scholars around these questions.

Both conference presenters and new authors are invited to submit an abstract for consideration.

Topics of contributions may include but are not limited to:

  • Finding a Common Language: Psychology, Neuroscience, and AI
  • Understanding Intelligence: The Physiological and the Mechanical
  • Ethics of Anthropomorphic Design and Processes in AI
  • Ethical and Social Implications of AI and Neurotechnology
  • Rights in AI and Neurotechnology: Policies, Regulations and Legislation
  • Similarities and Differences of Ethics in AI and Neuroscience
  • Science-fiction: Friend or Foe?
  • Merging of Brains and AI Technology
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Hybrid Intelligence

Submissions of up to 5,000 words are invited from the fields of neuroscience, computer science, engineering, psychology, philosophy, ethics, law, political science and social science.

Please submit an abstract (or revised workshop abstract) of up to 500 words. Abstracts are due September 15, 2018 and should be sent to Elisabeth Hildt at Authors of selected abstracts will be notified of the editors’ decision by October 1, 2018 and invited to submit a full paper. They will also receive further information regarding the formal requirements of the paper.

Full papers, of up to 5,000 words in length, double-spaced and in 12 point font are due December 15, 2018.

All manuscripts will go through the journal’s double blind peer review process.

General Information can also be found on the website of Science and Engineering Ethics (see Instruction for Authors):

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