Lufthansa tests “VR Moving Map” experience on the way to Dubai

[A glass-bottom plane might provide too intense an experience for many, but the “VR Moving Map” feature described in this story from #GNTECH (where the original includes a 2:14 minute video) might be a viable substitute. For much more information see a 2017 report in ClickZ (or VRrOOm), which includes another image and two more videos. –Matthew]

Lufthansa passengers experience VR on the way to Dubai

By Daanesh Kalyaniwalla
August 5, 2018

Lufthansa passengers flying from Frankfurt to Dubai on flight LH630 were in for a surprise on their way here. They were the first to experience the airline’s new prototype “VR Moving Map”, while on board the Airbus A330.

Lufthansa VR – What is it?

Passengers wearing special Lufthansa VR glasses were able to view the moving landscape below them as a 3D map and even take part in 360° virtual excursions.

For example, as the aircraft flew over Vienna, some passengers virtually rode the Prater Ferris Wheel or even had the chance to virtually attend one of the city’s famous classical concerts.

Lufthansa VR – Development

The prototype was developed by Lufthansa in cooperation with 3spin, Lufthansa’s lead agency for virtual and augmented reality.

Thomas Hoger from 3spin says “Gazing out of the window, I have often thought to myself: Where are we and what is going on down there… Our idea is based on that thought. In order to help passengers experience the world below we have developed the VR Moving Map in collaboration with the Lufthansa Customer Experience Team.”

Paul Schön, Passenger Experience Designer for Lufthansa, added “The Frankfurt to Dubai flight was a first-time test for our new VR prototype, which was designed to further enhance the passenger experience. I’m pleased to say this virtual exploration trip was very positively received by the participating passengers.”

Lufthansa VR – Not the first time

Previously, this VR technology was offered to customers on the ground. By giving passengers on this flight the chance to enjoy 30 minutes of virtual reality content, the airline aims to understand passenger interest in this topic and gather their feedback on the trial.

Passengers trialing the VR experience on board all found the technology to be a welcome addition to the existing In-Flight entertainment program. The airline will continue testing various possible applications of VR and AR with customers to evaluate together with relevant stakeholders which prototypes could be developed further.


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