Call: Change, development and achievement in the L2 classroom: Thinking back and looking ahead – Konin Language Studies special issue

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Call for Papers

Change, development and achievement in the L2 classroom: Thinking back and looking ahead
Special Issue of Konin Language Studies

Submission deadline: January 31st, 2019

As has been stated by Marianne Celce-Murcia (2001, p. 3), “[t]he field of second (or foreign) language teaching has undergone many fluctuations and shifts over the years. Different from physics or chemistry, in which progress is more or less steady until a major discovery causes a radical theoretical revision, language teaching is a field in which fads and heroes have come and gone in a manner fairly consistent with the kinds of changes that occur in youth culture”. Accordingly, despite a continually growing body of research data, the L2 learning/teaching processes remain, at least to some extent, a mystery waiting to be further unveiled, explored and reflected upon. Over a decade EFL educational contexts have gradually ceased to be viewed in terms of unidimensional, cause-effect relationships, whereas more and more attention has been given to the nonlinear, temporally determined changes that irrevocably though not always explicitly shape the learning and teaching environment (MacIntyre & Legatto, 2011; Mercer, 2011; Waninge, Dörnyei, & de Bot, 2014). Following this line of reasoning, the present special issue of Konin Language Studies aims to look at the L2 classroom through the lens of teachers’ and students’ retrospective records of experience in relation to prospective directions for language learning and teaching improvement. We hereby invite papers that investigate qualitative and quantitative swings in various L2 classroom areas from a temporally situated perspective.

The issues discussed in this volume may refer to the following topic strands:

  • Learner variables
  • The assessment of learning achievements
  • The use of new technologies
  • Classroom discourse
  • Language skills and subsystems
  • Language and metaphor
  • Language and specific learning difficulties
  • Dual code use
  • Intercultural communicative competence
  • Young learner SLA

Publishing timeline:
January 31st, 2019 – deadline for the papers
Proposed publication date – 4/2019

Please send your papers to:

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