Call: Perception and Cognition in Augmented Reality – Special issue of PRESENCE

Call for Papers

PRESENCE: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments
Special Issue on Perception and Cognition in Augmented Reality

Submission deadline: Sunday, 30 September, 2018


In recent years, mobile platforms and emerging headworn display hardware have ushered in a new wave of AR excitement and use. To realize AR’s full potential, however, a thorough understanding of perceptual and cognitive factors and their role in informing design of effective augmented reality systems is highly needed; both in research and industry communities alike. To date, there is neither an in-depth overview of these factors, nor well- founded knowledge on most effects as gained through formal validation. In particular, long-term usage effects are inadequately understood. The objective of this Special Issue on Perception and Cognition in Augmented Reality is to showcase current work in this area and to raise awareness of the importance of these issues with respect to user performance, user safety, and system usability.

Areas of Interest:

  • Depth and color perception
  • Visual search/Information processing
  • Situational awareness
  • Selective, focused, or divided attention
  • JNDs, signal thresholds, and biases
  • Individual differences in perception & cognition
  • Comparisons between AR and VR perceptual issues
  • Cognitive load, mental workload
  • Multisensory issues (sensation, perception, and cognition in non-visual AR)
  • Visualization techniques addressing perceptual or cognitive issues
  • Novel visual display devices that target specific perceptual issues
  • Validation methodologies, benchmarks, and measurement methods
  • Techniques for conducting longitudinal studies

The deadline for submissions is 30 September, 2018, with an expectation that the special issue will appear in PRESENCE in summer 2019.

For manuscript preparation guidelines and submission instructions see:


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