Call: Philosophy of Photography for journal Laocoonte

Call for Papers:
Philosophy of Photography
Panorama section of Laocoonte

Laocoonte invites paper submissions on the philosophy of photography for its monographic Panorama section of volume 5, 2018. Papers may be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2018.

Laocoonte is the journal of the Spanish Society for Aesthetics and Art Theory (Sociedad Española de Estética y Teoría de las Artes, SEyTA):


Since its inception photography has motivated numerous reflexions about the nature of images and about their artistic modes of production. Photography has engaged thinkers both as a medium and as a mechanism that raises fundamental questions. Besides critical concerns, investigations about photography also directly relate to the theory of knowledge, to the theory of the image, to aesthetics and the theory of art, to the philosophy of history, to ethics, and to many other philosophical areas.

The aesthetic analyses of the modes and means of the photographic image have always been influenced by the aesthetic understanding of contemporary images. Thus, theories have constructed the photographic image as a footprint, as a representation, or as a mechanism for preserving reality (which, in turn, helped to accelerate the liberation of painting from mimesis).

Laocoonte seeks new contributions to all of the aforementioned and other issues in the philosophy of photography. Topics include but not limited to:

  • Theories of the photographic mechanism
  • The photographic act
  • Photographic reception
  • Photography and the theory of the image
  • Memory and document
  • Photography as a medium of conceptual or critical art
  • Photography and suffering
  • Amateur photography in the digital age
  • Photographic genres
  • Photography in the system of the arts

The Panorama section will include Spanish translations of papers by Diarmuid Costello and Robert Hopkins.

Submission deadline: April 30, 2018.

Papers may be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.

Please render your text completely anonymous, allowing for double-blind review. The expected publication date of volume 5 of Laocoonte is December 15, 2018. Papers must be submitted through the OJS platform of the journal:

The call on the SEyTA website:

Authors must clearly indicate (in a note to the editor through the OJS platform) that the submission is for the Panorama section on the philosophy of photography. Without this indication the submission would be considered for the Miscelánea section of the journal.

For further information please contact Zsolt Batori, the coordinator of the Panorama section on the philosophy of photography. E-mail: or

Zsolt Batori
Jiménez de la Espada Visiting Researcher, University of Murcia
Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics


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