Call: Design for Health

Call for Papers: Design for Health

Design for Health is an international refereed journal covering all aspects of design in the context of health and wellbeing. The Journal is published twice a year and provides a forum for design and health scholars, design professionals, health-care practitioners, educators and managers worldwide.

Design for Health is affiliated with the Design4Health conference, established in 2011.

The Journal aims to publish thought provoking work based on rigorous research. It invites high quality, original submissions that make a contribution to knowledge and practice in the context of the design of health products, services and interventions that promote dignity and enhance quality of life. It adopts the World Health Organisation’s definition of health as the ‘state of complete physical and mental wellbeing and not only the absence of disease’ (1948).

The Journal publishes work which utilizes design and creative practices as methods and tools within research to engage people to understand problems, and visualize new possibilities and future scenarios.

For this journal…

  • a typical ARTICLE should be more than 5000 and no more than 7000 words;
  • a typical REVIEW (book / exhibition / conference) should be more than 1500 and no more than 2000 words;
  • a typical OPINION PIECE should be no more than 2000 words;
  • a typical VISUAL ESSAY should be no more than 2000 words;
  • a typical CASE STUDY should be more than 2000 and no more than 4000 words.

All word counts are inclusive of abstract, endnotes, biographies, tables, figure captions and references.

The use of images to accompany articles is welcomed, where appropriate; between three and eight images is suggested, subject to overall word count and page length. Visual essays may include additional images.

Three to eight key words summarizing the paper should be indicated.

Submission is ongoing.

Submit electronically / find out more about the journal:

Contact us:

Best wishes,

The editorial team:
Prof Paul Chamberlain, Editor-in-Chief
Dr Claire Craig, Co-Editor
Prof Paul Atkinson, Co-Editor
Kirsty Christer, Assistant Editor

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