Call: Second International Congress on Animal Computer Interaction (with ACE 2015)


Second International Congress on
Animal Computer Interaction

Legoland, Iskandar
16 November, 2015

The Second International Congress on Animal Computer Interaction (ACI) provides a forum for research which invents and investigates how animals could be more extensively part of the 21st century age of internet, games and enabling technologies. We join emerging researchers in an area that promises to be fun, useful, vibrant and very surprising.

ACI 2015 is inviting the submission of full papers, short papers, video posters and postgraduate consortium to its symposium to be held in conjunction with the 12th Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology (ACE) conference in Iskandar.


  • Full Papers: 31 July 2015
  • Short Papers: 31 July 2015
  • Video Posters: 31 July 2015
  • Postgraduate Consortium: 31 July 2015

We solicit submissions on the following topics:


We are facing an area where the most fundamental part of the unit of analysis, i.e. the interaction in between animals and humans, is questionable. In what sense should we think about the activities we are studying as a form of interaction between people and animal?

Systems and Design

ICT tools and future enabling technologies to help address these issues with fundamentally new approaches and ideas to connect animals to humans and to other animals for companionship and telecommunication, anywhere in the world. Systems developed to be multi-sensory and allow a wide sensorial range (audition, vision, haptic, gustation, and olfaction) to be conveyed as mixed reality media between humans and animals. What scenarios and/or applications should drive the development of the ACI research field? What are the differences between animal-only and animal-human centered scenarios? Is the emphasis to be put on learning-oriented scenarios, i.e., to achieve a learning goal or on well-being oriented ones, i.e., to enhance animals quality of life?

Animal Welfare

An important motivation in this research is to improve animal welfare. For example, a large percentage of dogs suffer from separation anxiety while being separated from their human companions during work or travel. Sport animals such as horses also can suffer from lack of contact with humans. Production animals such as pigs and cows, suffer from welfare problems related to the lack of interesting, exploratory, and vivid stimuli. How can their situation be improved using new digital technology?


What methods are appropriate to understand animal human interaction as well as how to conduct design oriented research in this area? How are the methodological tool boxes and requirements in individual scientific domains, such as human computer interaction, psychology, sociology, anthropology, made us of in design oriented research? What methodological frameworks could enable animals to actively participate in the design process as legitimate stakeholders, technology users and design contributors? Can non-linguistic methodologies be adapted from HCI or derived from other disciplines? Can linguistic methodologies derived from other disciplines be adapted to ACI?

All submissions of full and short papers should use the ACM SIGCHI e paper format: Participants are to register with ACE 2015 conference which is hosting this congress.

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About ACE 2015:

Hope to see you all in Iskandar!

The ACI 2015 Organising Committee

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