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Call: MMSYM 2015: The 3rd European and the 6th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication

Call for Papers

MMSYM 2015: The 3rd European and the 6th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication
Venue: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, September 17, 18, 2015

Deadline for papers: May 31 2015

More information at:

The 3rd European Symposium on Multimodal Communication will be held in Dublin on 17, 18 September 2015.

The symposium provides a forum for researchers from different disciplines who study multimodality in human communication as well as in human-computer interaction. The multimodal communication symposium is organised by the Speech Communication Lab at Trinity College Dublin.

Multimodal communication as a research area is growing rapidly. There is indeed an increased interest in embodied and situated communication – how humans interact with each other using different modalities, as well as how technological artifacts affect communicative activities. Work places as well as school environments, health care and other services increasingly involve complex multimodal communication.… read more. “Call: MMSYM 2015: The 3rd European and the 6th Nordic Symposium on Multimodal Communication”

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Google opens Abbey Road Studios to the public

[This looks like a particularly compelling example of Google’s use of technology to allow people to ‘visit’ places they normally can’t; this story from the Daily Mail includes a large selection of images, two videos, and sidebars on the history of Abbey Road Studios and the iconic Beatles album cover. –Matthew]

Inside Abbey Road - entrance screenshot

The virtual mystery tour! Beatles fans can now take a digital tour of Abbey Road studios using Google

  • The world famous studios have never before been open to the public
  • But in a Google first the web giant has made an app with a virtual tour
  • Includes archived Beatles photos and music videos of stars at the studio
  • Users navigate round in the same way that Google Street View works

By Sam Tonkin For Mailonline
Published: 15 April 2015

It has the most famous zebra crossing in the world outside it, and has hosted every major name in music in the last 80 years, but Abbey Road studios has never before been open to the public.… read more. “Google opens Abbey Road Studios to the public”

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Call: International Journal of People-Oriented Programming (IJPOP)


International Journal of People-Oriented Programming (IJPOP)
Official publication of the Information Resources Management Association
ISSN: 2156-1796, EISSN: 2156-1788

Deadline (Volume 4, Number 1): Friday, 15th May 2015

Adj. Prof. Steve Goschnick, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia &
Prof. Leon Sterling, Pro Vice Chancellor (Digital Frontiers), Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Published: Semi-annual (both in Print and Electronic form)

In this first issue of Volume 4 of IJPOP we are seeking papers reporting on original, interesting and timely research from within these topics:

  • Activity theory and modeling
  • Agent meta-models, mental models
  • Alert filter and notification software, automated task assistance
  • Augmented reality, augmented interaction
  • Automating personal ontologies, personalised content generation
  • Client-side conceptual modeling
  • Computational models from psychology
  • Context-aware systems, location-aware computing, ubiquitous computing
  • Cultural probes, self-ethnography
  • End-user composition, end-user multi-agent systems
  • Game development support tools
  • Game mods, game engines, open game engines
  • Home network applications
  • Human-centered software development
  • Interface generators, XML-based UI notation generators
  • Interface metaphors
  • Life logs, life blogs, feed aggregators
  • Mashups, mashup tools, cloud mashups
  • Model-driven design, didactic models, model-based design and implementation
  • New generation visual programming
  • Personal interaction styles, touch and gestures
  • People-Oriented Programming (POP)
  • People-Oriented Programming case studies
  • Personal ontologies and taxonomies
  • Personalisation, individualisation, market of one
  • Personalised learning
  • Personas and actors
  • Real-time narrative generation engines
  • Role-based modeling
  • Service science for individuals
  • Situated computation, social proximity applications
  • Smart-phone mashups, home network mashups, home media mashups
  • Software analysis & design, software process modeling
  • Software component selection
  • Speech and natural language interfaces
  • Storyboarding, scenarios, picture scenarios
  • Task flow diagrams, Task-based design
  • Task models, task analysis, cognitive task models, concurrent task modeling
  • Use case models, user interface XML notations
  • User-centered design, usage-centered design
  • User interface tools, XML-based UI notations
  • User modelling, end user programming, end user development
  • Wearable computing, bodyware
  • Web-service orchestration, web-service co-ordination

that have a particular focus on people-oriented.… read more. “Call: International Journal of People-Oriented Programming (IJPOP)”

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This apartment travels from Tokyo to Paris in an instant

[Reminiscent of a home holodeck… this is from Fast Company, where the story includes a large photo gallery and a 0:31 minute video; more info and images are available in the coverage at designboom. –Matthew]

Airbnb apartment transports via projection mapping

This Apartment Travels From Tokyo To Paris In An Instant

Thanks to a few projectors, a blank interior design can transform into anything.

April 10, 2015
Mark Wilson

It starts as a blank white room. A white bed. A white comforter. A white table. A white couch. But moments later, thanks to the magic of a few projectors, the space gets all new materials, finishes, and decor, taking you to Bali, Tokyo, Penang, or Paris—where you can even look out the window and see the Eiffel Tower.

The project was a promotion by Airbnb Singapore to celebrate the romance of traveling to various homes and cultures around the world.… read more. “This apartment travels from Tokyo to Paris in an instant”

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Call: ICSR 2015: Seventh International Conference on Social Robotics

ICSR 2015: Seventh International Conference on Social Robotics

26th to 30th October 2015, Paris, France

The International Conference on Social Robotics brings researchers and practitioners together to report and discuss the latest progress in the field of social robotics. The ICSR conferences focus on the interaction between humans and robots and the integration of robots into our society.

The theme of the 2015 conference is “Individual Differences.”

Robots will improve quality of human life through assistance, enabling for instance independent living or providing support in work-intensive, difficult and possibly complex situations. The conference aims to foster discussion on the development of computational models, robotic embodiments, and behaviour that enable social robots to have an impact on the degree of personalised companionship with humans.

The conference welcomes original contributions describing technically rigorous scientific and philosophical advances in the area of social robotics: Innovative ideas and concepts, new discoveries and improvements, novel applications on the latest fundamental advances in the core technologies that form the backbone of social robotics, distinguished developmental projects, as well as seminal works in aesthetic design, ethics and philosophy, studies on social impact and influence pertaining to social robotics, and its interaction and communication with human beings and its social impact on our society.… read more. “Call: ICSR 2015: Seventh International Conference on Social Robotics”

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New IKEA service allows users to hold a virtual wedding online

[Is this part of a trend toward acceptance of doing important things via presence-evoking technology? The story from CNET includes another picture and two videos. –Matthew]

An IKEA virtual wedding

Get married online with Ikea

The Swedish DIY-furniture manufacturer has launched a service that allows users to hold a virtual wedding online.

by Michelle Starr
April 13, 2015

Are you a long way from family and friends? Or do you simply want to get hitched without the hassle of having to deal with the logistics of a big wedding? If you have a webcam (or several), Ikea — moving out of flat-pack furniture — has just the wedding resource for you.

Called Wedding Online, it’s basically a group Skype — but instead of showing up as a row of heads, the faces of you, your spouse-to-be, your celebrant and attendees will be placed on bodies in a virtual room furnished with Ikea.… read more. “New IKEA service allows users to hold a virtual wedding online”

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Call: CHArt 2015: The Fabrication of Art and Beyond: Making and Inventing in Digital Culture

The Fabrication of Art and Beyond: Making and Inventing in Digital Culture
CHArt 2015 conference, part of the FABRICATION Arts & Humanities Festival
King’s College London, Strand
17 October 2015 (provisional)

Synopses due: Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Art intersects with fabrication. Art as a site of making has been drastically affected by digital and network technologies. The border between being online and offline, if one still exists, has become blurred. This has implications for the ways in which diverse elements are combined to create art. Yet, fabrication also means to devise or construct something new and “more troublingly” to fake and to forge. Does art involve simply the innovation of changes in what is already established by introducing new methods, ideas, or products? Perhaps more radically it should be understood as that which disrupts what previously was or could be known and invites the arrival of what was unforeseen?… read more. “Call: CHArt 2015: The Fabrication of Art and Beyond: Making and Inventing in Digital Culture”

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Virtual protest: Activists launch hologram demo against Spain’s new anti-protest laws

[These projected protesters create eerie, and likely presence-evoking, images; this story is from Inquisitr, where it includes another photo, translated tweets, and a 0:58 minute video. –Matthew]

Hologram protest outside Spanish parliament

Virtual Protest: Activists Launch Hologram Demo Against Spain’s New Anti-Protest Laws [Video]

Anne Sewell
Posted: April 11, 2015

There was a massive turnout in the streets of Madrid on Friday evening, protesting Spain’s new draconian anti-protest laws. There was no police brutality and no arrests were made, as in reality, no one was actually there. This was most likely the world’s first virtual protest and it looked pretty darn impressive.

In an effort to curb the ongoing anti-austerity protests, Spain has introduced the “Leyes Mordaza,” or so-called safety or gag laws, which make it illegal to protest outside government buildings, refuse to reveal identification documents, or insult police officers.

Huge fines have been imposed of up to 600,000 euros (just under $650,000) for holding unauthorized protests in the country’s capital, despite the fact that more governmental corruption is being revealed, austerity continues to hit the public, budget cuts affect the medical and scientific spheres, unemployment is extremely high, and people are losing their homes on an almost daily basis.… read more. “Virtual protest: Activists launch hologram demo against Spain’s new anti-protest laws”

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Alcohol brands embrace VR for in-bar promotions

[This story from Adweek (where it includes an additional picture) is about promoting brands and products with presence experiences in an interesting setting, one with some unique challenges (see the last two paragraphs). –Matthew]

Screenshot from Jim Beam's VR campaign

[Image: A screenshot from Geometry Global’s campaign promoting Jim Beam Devil’s Cut bourbon]

Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Form of In-Bar Entertainment?

Jim Beam and Dos Equis have been quick to embrace the trend

By Lauren Johnson
April 9, 2015

Would you strap on an Oculus Rift headset at your favorite bar? In the latest example of how marketers are embracing virtual reality, alcohol brands are taking branded entertainment to a new level with tech-aided events at local watering holes.

Jim Beam, Dos Equis and Fire Eater are all examples of brands that are using technology like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear to win over consumers at the moment when they’re most likely—and perhaps under the influence—to try out new liquors, particularly with of-age millennials.… read more. “Alcohol brands embrace VR for in-bar promotions”

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Man uses VR in creative marriage proposal

[Another creative use for presence; this story is from Digital Trends, where it includes the 4:58 minute video of the proposal. More details and pictures can be found in SlashGear’s coverage and with the video on YouTube. –Matthew]

Views of wedding proposal from outside and inside VR

Watch this man propose to his girlfriend with a VR headset

By Andy Boxall — April 8, 2015

Mike Rios doesn’t do simple marriage proposals. When he decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Maggie Jensen, he went all out to make it as memorable as possible. How do we know this? Because he turned the whole thing into a viral video extravaganza.

The proposal took place in Pasadena, California, where the pair first met five years ago. Mike had actually asked Maggie if she would marry him then, but this time it was serious. A short while before the day, he used a Nexus 5 to take Photosphere pictures of their friends holding up signs about his first words to her.… read more. “Man uses VR in creative marriage proposal”

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