Call: Embarrassing Interactions: A CHI 2015 Workshop

Call for Participation
Embarrassing Interactions: A CHI 2015 Workshop

CHI 2015
April 18-23 in Seoul, Korea

No matter whether mobile devices, ubiquitous computing, intercultural human-computer interaction (HCI), public interfaces, interactive art, experimental games, social computing, or robots and virtual agents: wherever new technologies disturb or merge situational norms and audiences, embarrassment is likely. Thus, (fear of) embarrassment presents a fundamental hurdle to adoption and engagement for any interactive system, but also a design space for experimental interfaces.

This one-day workshop, co-located with CHI 2015 in Seoul, convenes researchers, designers, and artists to share and advance the current state of knowledge on embarrassment in HCI, and chart an agenda for future work. We especially invite participants across cultures to enable cross-cultural debate, and work that can be engaged with on site.


  • Forms, causes, conditions, processes of embarrassment in HCI
  • Cultural differences in embarrassment; embarrassment in intercultural HCI and interactive systems crossing cultures
  • Design for reducing embarrassment as an undesired experience and hurdle to adoption and engagement
  • Design for embarrassment as a desired experience in art, education, activism


Interested authors should submit a 3-4 page position paper in the CHI extended abstract format together with a 50-word biography to Practitioners can alternatively submit a presentation. We also invite researchers, artists, and designers to submit works that relate to embarrassment and can be engaged with during the workshop. The organizing committee will review submissions and select up to 20 based on relevance, quality, and diversity of inputs. Papers, presentations, work descriptions, and biographies will be published on the workshop site. See for details.


January 2, 2015: Submission deadline
February 2, 2015: Notification of acceptance
April 18/19, 2015 (tbd.): Workshop


Sebastian Deterding (contact), Adrian Cheok, Jussi Holopainen, Andrés Lucero, Chulhong Min, Annika Waern, Steffen P. Walz


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