Call: Representation and Reality: Humans, Animals and Machines (UNLOG 2015 Workshop)

Representation and Reality: Humans, Animals and Machines

Workshop at UNILOG 2015, 5th World Congress and School of Universal Logic, Istanbul Turkey, June 20-30, 2015


Our workshop could be considered as the continuation of a part of the symposium “Computing Nature” organized by Gordana Dodig–Crnkovic and Raffaela Giovagnoli in the AISB/IACAP World Congress 2012 and “Representation of Reality: Humans, Animals and Machines” in the AISB50 Convention at Goldsmith 2014. We would like to offer a further occasion to discuss the problem of “representation” in humans, other animals and machines. It is closely related to the question what capacities can be plausibly computed and what are the most promising approaches that try to solve the problem.


We aim to discuss the following interesting topics related to the problem of representation:

(1) The point of view of connectionism and dynamical systems (Scheutz, Clark, Juarrero, Kaneko and Tsuda, O’Brien, Horgan, Trenholme) namely the different proposals about the possibility to rule out representation.

(2) A plausible strategy to analyze the problem of representation from a philosophical perspective implies the comparison between human and machine capacities and skills. Searle presented an interesting theory of representation based on the mind’s capacities to represent objects and to the linguistic capacities to extend the representation to social entities. For machine representation current results in AI and cognitive robotics are of interest.

(3) Evolutionary aspects of the development of increasingly complex capacities in (embodied, embedded) living organisms to process information in the interaction with the environment and as a consequence develop new morphological structures – morphogenesis, meta-morphogenesis.


Abstracts for this workshop should be sent by email to by November 15th.


Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Department of Computer Science and Networks, Mälardalen University, Sweden.


Raffaela Giovagnoli (Faculty of Philosophy, Pontifical Lateran University, Rome),

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