Call: Game Idea Jam for Sport and Exertion Games at CHI PLAY 2014

Game Idea Jam for Sport and Exertion Games
at CHI PLAY 2014 – The ACM SIGCHI Annual Symposium on Computer-Human Interaction in Play

SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  August 15th, 2014
NOTIFICATION:  September 1st, 2014


Physical inactivity is one of the greatest public health problems of our century increasing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or specific cancers. The Game Idea Jam brings together game researchers and practitioners in the fields of human-computer interaction, game development, interaction design, instructional design, etc. to collaborate and develop ideas for sports and exertion games that combat physical activity.

The aim of the Game Idea Jam is to:

  • Enable game researchers and practitioners with and without development skills to participate.
  • Explore jamming through a practice-based collaboration between game researchers and practitioners.
  • Develop creative ideas for sport or exertion games combating physical inactivity.
  • Provide the experience of a game jam to our participants in order to gain confidence to integrate this approach into their own practice.

This one-day workshop consists of three game jam break-out sessions. As no particular game development skills are required for the participation, the participants will be supported with different creative approaches (e.g., Outline of EA Personas, the Exertion Game or PLEX Cards) and a lot of other inspiring materials to choose from. Due to time constraints there will be no full game developed, but instead the final game idea will be produced in the form of a conceptual video demonstrating the play experience.


We encourage the participation of:

  • Game User Researchers
  • Designers & Developers
  • UI Artists
  • Information Architects
  • Content Strategists
  • Producers
  • Sport Enthusiast


Workshop candidates are asked to send:

  1. a motivation statement for their participation (e.g., how they will benefit from the participation),
  2. a short list of skills and expertise that helps to evaluate potential matches for collaborative teams (i.e., what are you good at or not good at, what do you know about games, what do you know about sports), and
  3. a brief bio (not more than 200 words to be published on the workshop homepage) and portfolio URL (if available)

via email to This application should be no more than 3 pages in total in ACM Extended Abstract format (


Submission Deadline:  August 15th, 2015
Notification of Acceptance:  September 1st, 2014
One-Day Workshop at CHI PLAY 2014:  October 19th, 2014


Christiane Moser and Manfred Tscheligi (HCI Unit, ICT&S Center, University of Salzburg, Austria)
Mark Magnusson (EA Sports, Vancouver, Canada)
Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller (Exertion Games Lab, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia)


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