Call: NordiCHI’14 Workshop – “The Fuzzy Front End of Experience Design”

Call for participation

NordiCHI’14 Workshop “The Fuzzy Front End of Experience Design”
Sunday, October 26th, 2014: Helsinki, Finland

In conjunction with NordiCHI’14 –

Workshop web site:

Deadline for submissions (2-6 page position papers in ACM Extended Abstract format): August 14th, 2014.

To start an experience design process, the designers should determine what experience to aim for. How should this decision be made?  In the fuzzy front end of experience design process, there are often several alternative sources for gaining insight and inspiration. There may be different, even conflicting viewpoints and opinions. In addition to user studies, insight and inspiration for experience goals can be sought from brand promise, technology and societal trends as well as mere vision of renewal.

We welcome practitioners and academics to this full-day workshop to share experiences from the early phases of experience design processes:  How to get from the fuzzy front end to a shared vision of the experience to aim for? The workshop is based on the earlier UX Goals workshop in NordiCHI 2012. The aim of the workshop is to build mutual understanding of the early phases of the experience design process. The workshop will include presentations of position papers as well as group work to identify and discuss the commonalities and differences in the experience goal setting.

The questions driving the workshop include:

  • Where can you get insight and inspiration to define what experience to aim for?
  • How the information from various sources can be utilised to define the targeted experience?
  • In which form should the targeted experience be presented so that it can guide the design process?

Topics of interest for position papers:

  • Case studies, or practical examples from the early phases of experience design
  • Approaches, methods and techniques for the early phases of experience design

The case studies can represent any application area, ranging from consumer applications to work-related systems.

Workshop organizers:

Eija Kaasinen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland;
Heli Väätäjä, Tampere University of Technology;
Hannu Karvonen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland;
Yichen Lu, Aalto University

Program Committee:

Virpi Roto (Aalto University), Hannu Nousu (KONE), Jaakko Haggrén (Konecranes), Kati Kuusinen (Tampere University of Technology), and Paula Savioja (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland).

More information and instructions for submitting:


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