ISPR News: New informal discussion venue for ISPR members

ISPR has established a new benefit for our members, a forum for informal posts and discussion about all things related to (tele)presence. The closed Facebook group is called “ISPR Members” and we hope it will replace the more interactive functions of the old Presence-L listserv (the predecessor of ISPR Presence News).

We’re opening the group to both past and current members of ISPR, including anyone who has attended one of the 15 ISPR (and pre-ISPR) Presence conferences. Of course unfortunately there’s no perfect or universal venue for this, but if you use (or have been thinking of using) Facebook and you are or have been an ISPR member, please join the over 50 people who have already joined the group. If you’re interested but not a past or current member, please consider joining ISPR.

The ISPR Members Facebook group is here:

For more on ISPR conferences, events and other resources, please visit us at!


Matthew Lombard, Ph.D.
International Society for Presence Research (ISPR)


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