Call: 12th International Symposium on Smart Graphics

Call for Papers:

12th International Symposium on SMART GRAPHICS
August 27-29, 2014
Taipei, Taiwan

Submission deadline: April 15, 2014 (New)


The International Symposium on Smart Graphics will bring together researchers from Computer Graphics, Visualization, Art & Graphics Design, Cognitive Psychology and Artificial Intelligence, all working on different aspects of computer-generated graphics and the user experiences they enable. This year’s meeting will be held in Taipei, Taiwan.

Advances in computer graphics have made visual media the heart of the user interface, and it is clear that graphics will play a dominant role in knowledge work, entertainment, and the home. Indeed, as computers become more and more pervasive, and display sizes both increase and decrease, new and challenging problems arise for the effective use and generation of computer graphics.


Smart Graphics is grounded in a deep understanding of human abilities, activities, and desires. This understanding arises through the integration of fields such as art, design, and the social, cognitive, and perceptual sciences. Insights are realized in the form of novel methods for producing and interacting with rich graphical displays often utilizing established techniques from Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science in general.

Such interfaces present content that:

  1. engages the user and is aesthetically satisfying
  2. participates in human cognition as external or distributed representations
  3. is sensitive to the real-time demands of the interaction in the context of the available computational resources
  4. adapts the form of the output according to a wider set of constraints such as an individual’s perceptual, attentive, and motor abilities and the nature of the presentation media and available interaction devices.


Smart Graphics 2014 welcomes submissions from researchers and practitioners, as well as graphic artists and graphic designers interested in an interdisciplinary approach to the design of smart interactive visual, auditory, and haptic displays.

We specially encourage young researchers to submit their ideas and results.

In 2014, we propose a specific emphasis on the integration of scientific research into the design of intelligent, interactive, and context-aware digital media applications. In particular, we encourage discussion of research that pertains to interactions within the everyday world, using smart graphics and responsive media to enrich and augment experiences, culture, leisure, and work.

  • Full research papers: These will encompass comprehensive descriptions of original work within the scope of the symposium (limited to 12 pages in Springer LNCS format).
  • Posters: Tentative or preliminary results of research or design work with emphasis on the interdisciplinary evaluation of the ideas (limited to 4 pages in Springer LNCS format). Poster papers will be included in the proceedings.
  • System demonstrations: Short descriptions of research or design work that the authors intend to show and discuss in a demo session at the symposium (limited to 2 pages in Springer LNCS format). System demonstration papers will be included in the proceedings.
  • Arts track: Computer animations, multimedia performances, interactive art and design, etc. Artists must submit a three page proposal outlining the concept and technique of their work, including a discussion of the relationship between smart technologies and their artistic and creative practice. An international jury of renowned scientists and artists will select the submissions. Selected works will be displayed during the Smart Graphics symposium, and presented to the public via an evening of performance, installation, and gallery exhibition at the symposium venue.  A report of the arts track including all the selected works will be included in the proceedings.

Proceedings will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.


Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):

  • computer graphics
  • artificial intelligence
  • cognitive science
  • scene perception
  • graphical abstraction
  • graphics design
  • virtual and mixed reality
  • entertainment computing
  • computational aesthetics
  • information visualization
  • visual analytics
  • multimodal interfaces
  • context-aware interfaces
  • non-desktop interfaces
  • surface computing
  • sketch-based interfaces
  • interaction design/user experience / User Interaction
  • interactive narratives
  • human-computer interaction
  • interaction science
  • user studies
  • technological art

Submission Site:

Smart Graphics 2014 submissions are handled via EasyChair. Please submit your paper to

Authors’ Instructions:

As in previous years, proceedings will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. Therefore, submissions are expected in the Springer LNCS format . You will find instructions for the preparation of your papers at Springer’s Authors’ Instructions page.

Best Paper / Best Poster awards will be conferred during the symposium.

Important Dates:

April 15, 2014  —  (submission deadline)
May 30, 2014  —  (notification of results)
June 16, 2014  —  (camera ready copy due)
August 27-29, 2014  —  (Symposium in Taipei, Taiwan)


Steering Committee:

Andreas Butz (University of Munich, Germany)
Antonio Krueger (University of Muenster, Germany)
Brian Fisher (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
Marc Christie (IRISA/INRIA Rennes, France)
Patrick Olivier (University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

Organizing Committee:

Marc Christie (IRISA/INRIA Rennes, France)
Tsai-Yen Li (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)

Program Committee (tentative):

Benjamin Walther-Franks (University of Bremen, Germany)
Bernhard Preim (University of Magdeburg, Germany)
Bing-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
Christian Jacquemin (LIMSI-CNRS, France)
Elisabeth Andre (University of Augsburg, Germany)
Hiroshi Hosobe (Tokyo National Institute of Informatics, Japan)
Lutz Dickmann (Bremen University, Germany)
Mateu Sbert (University of Girona, Spain)
Roberto Ranon (University of Udine, Italy)
Roberto Theron(University of Salamanca, Spain)
Shigeo Takahashi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Shigeru Owada (Sony CSL, Japan)
Steven Feiner (Columbia University, US)
Tevfik Metin Sezgin (Koc University,Turkey)
Thomas Rist (University of Applied Sciences, Germany)
Tong-Yee Lee (National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan)
Tracy Hammond (Texas A&M University, US)
Tsvi Kuflik (University of Haifa, Israel)
Wen-Hung Liao (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
William Bares (Millsaps College, US)
Yaxi Chen (Southwest University for Nationalities, China)

Local Organizing Committee:

Hao-Chuan Wang (National Tsing-Hua Univeristy, Taiwan)
Ming-Te Chi (National Chengchi University,Taiwan)
Neng-Hao Yu (National Chengchi University,Taiwan)
Tsai-Yen Li (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)
Wen-Hung Liao (National Chengchi University, Taiwan)


Smart Graphics 2014 will be held in cooperation with (to be confirmed):

  • Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques (ACM SIGGRAPH)
  • Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence (ACM SIGART)
  • Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (ACM SIGCHI)
  • European Association for Computer Graphics (Eurographics)
  • Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
  • National Science Council (NSC)
  • Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique (INRIA)

For a full description of the scope of the Symposium, and details of previous events, see the website:

For any queries, please use the contact address:

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