Call: North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) 2014 Conference

NASAGA 2014 Conference
Baltimore, MD October 8-12



The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is a community of practice of trainers, educators, game designers and facilitators working on the design and implementation of serious games, simulations, and other experiential activities. For decades, NASAGA has been promoting professional networking, providing training and education, and advocating the use of experiential activities to industry and academia through its annual conference.

The North American Simulation and Gaming Association invites proposals for our 2014 conference in Baltimore, MD. NASAGA is a games and learning conference with particular interest in work involving non-digital games, simulations, mixed or alternate reality, locative games, classroom and training exercises, and playful learning. Our theme this year is “Playing Stories, Sharing Worlds, Learning Games.” We particularly welcome work that connects with this year’s theme and engages the potential of playful narratives for learning, experiential education, and learning game design. We welcome proposals from practitioners, educators, designers, researchers and gamers. NASAGA is not a conference for reading papers: session proposals should be hands-on and engaging. This may include playing a game or prototype and debriefing, roundtable discussions, collaborative design, facilitated activities, and any other interactive format. To allow for this active learning, sessions are scheduled in timeslots of 60 or 90 minutes, although you can also propose an extended session to allow for an unusual learning experience.

To propose a session, please submit the following to by June 1st:

Names and email addresses of all presenters
Title (informative and catchy)
Description (150 word description of your session activity)
Objectives (learning goals or participant outcomes for your session)
Format (play and debrief, activity, roundtable, collaborative design, etc.)
Audio Visual Requirements
Time (typically 60 or 90 minutes)


We also invite researchers, including students, to consider submitting to our poster session to share ongoing research or design proposals. NASAGA invites proposals from researchers working on the theory and application of games and simulations for learning challenges, including but not limited to active learning methods to increase engagement, retention, and performance. We invite the submission of 300-500 word abstracts for poster presentations on all topics related to games and learning.
Suggested topics include:

Process of educational game design
Simulations and training
Challenges to educational games
Best practices for assessing games-based learning
Domain and skills-based game examples
“Gamification” and learning
Mapping learning outcomes to game mechanics
Serious and persuasive games

As NASAGA supports work on learning through games and experiential activities using any media, we particularly encourage researchers interested in non-digital games and simulations to attend. We invite the submission of ongoing and in-progress research by faculty, graduate students, and independent researchers across disciplines.

To propose a poster, please submit the abstract, presenter names, and email addresses of all presenters to by June 1st.


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