Call: AISB AI&Games 2014 symposium

Join us at the AISB AI&Games 2014 symposium.
Deadline for long abstract submission 3rd of January 2014.


The AI & Games Symposium acts as a meeting and network point for researchers from academia, education and industry, in particular those involved with the design, development and evaluation of AI and games. Their expertise could be in a range of areas including: AI, machine learning, planning, narrative, education and training, multimedia, game design and development, game interaction design, characters design, interaction design and evaluation for children, adults and any other relevant area.

Accepted submission:

The Symposium accepts the following submission, please see symposium web site for more details.

  • Long Abstracts (min 2, max 4 pages A4)
  • Posters (one slide)
  • Demo (max 2 pages description of what is going to be demonstrated)
  • Tutorials (max 2 pages description of planned tutorial content)


Computer games now form an important sector of the computing and entertainment industries, and they are very sophisticated in many ways. The need for better artificial intelligence (AI) in games is deeply felt, however, and recognised by the industry.

Conversely, games offer new challenges and excellent application domains for AI technology and research. Games are increasingly used for education, serious games or game-based learning, where story and AI techniques create a believable, engaging experience for learners.

The AI & Games symposium focuses on the application of artificial intelligence or intelligent-like techniques, frameworks and theories to the creation of interactive engaging intelligent games. It will address three main areas and the following questions:

  • The use of AI techniques (planning, learning, evolution etc.) in games and the game design process.
  • The design and engineering of AI components in commercial games
  • AI for serious games and gamification.
  • Automatic or semi-automatic procedural content generation
  • Intelligent or adaptive player interaction
  • AI for player analytics and modelling player behaviour or experience.
  • Agent pathfinding and decision-making in games
  • Environmental simulations for games
  • Interactive narrative generation
  • Player perceptions of game AI

Submission Procedure:

See AI&Games 2014 symposium web site  for more details about how and what to submit.

All submission should be done using the EasyChair AI&GAMES Web page

Important Dates:

ALL SUBMISSIONS by 3rd January 2014
Notification to Authors: 10th February 2014
Authors Camera Ready Submissions: 20th February 2014
Symposium date: 1st April 2014

Symposium organisers:

  • Daniela Romano, Advanced Computing Research Centre (ACRC), Computer Science, University of Sheffield
  • David Moffat, School of Engineering and Built Environment, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Jeremy Gow, Goldsmiths, University of London

Programme Committee:

  • Marc Cavazza, University of Teesside
  • Michael Cook, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Peter Cowling, University of York
  • Luke Dicken, University of Strathclyde
  • Daniel Kudenko, University of York
  • John Levine, University of Strathclyde
  • Simon Lucas, University of Essex
  • Mark Riedl, Georgia Institute of Technology


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